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    He said this with a smirk on his face. After watching the pressers yesterday, I am 100% convinced they are taking Winston with pick No.1.

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      The off the field issues are only half the concern with Winston , the other is weight.The weight issue is two fold in and of itself, Winston clearly lacks discipline and he has already been right at the threshold of QB weight failure which is 255 lbs.With several weeks between games prior to the Oregon game, I believe Winston’s weight went north of 250 lbs . This is as major of a red flag as you can have, a 20 year old having these problems and being at that weight translates to 270 at mid twenties.Jw is a tremendous talent but this is probably more of a problem than the other issues.Weight issues are a daunting mental issue all of their own especially for a young QB that already has some decision making problems.Big Ben may be the only QB that has been successful north of 255 that I can think of.Dante Culpepper was a top 3 qb for a short time up until his weight went north of 245, Damarcus Russel was a talent we never witnessed in the NFL due to his weight.Jared Lorenzen would have been in the NFL as a career back up but struggled to get to 260.Ryan Leaf had life decision issues but also tacked on some lbs.This is a major issue for Winston that will probably defeat him in the end as it has many others.Im not so sure that J Freeman didn’t start to struggle with this same issue for a short period prior to loosing massive weight which proved to be his career exit.Btw Winston’s field vision , check down progressions and split second processing are as good as Andrew Lucks ,he does struggle with deep dropping L Backers.He is one heck of a QB but does appear to be a strong combination of D Russel and R Leaf minus the drugs and he will have substantially less money ????? It is what it Is !!

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    I have resigned to the reality that we may take Winston, and on paper either of them are gifted so talent wise it may be toss up. But it seems that after missing on Freeman and the trouble we had with Talib, and the poison he brought to this team, This Management would think very carefully about picking first overall and putting the organization’s face on the shoulders of a guy who seems to have some personal issues, that said, if Winston turns out to be a great player I will be his biggest fan. We need to show we can pick a QB high in the draft and not mess up the pick. We have a history of #1 picks at the position that have fallen flat on their faces.

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    They let the process play out last year. Instead of drafting Carr last year, we went the we are contenders route. Signed a vet, drafted him another big target, two counting Jenkins, and all we contended for was the #1 pick. That’s O.K. passing Q.B. on last year’s weak crop was the right thing to do. As luck would have it, we’re staring at the best two quarterbacks in both drafts. Live in your hopes, not in your fears, Jon Gruden, Buc fans. We’re gonna draft a winner for a change.

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      I’m sooooo glad the Raiders think they have their franchise QB in Carr. One less team to worry about. Believing you’ve found your QB of the future when he started every game behind a great O-line that was near the bottom of the NFL in giving up sacks and came away only averaging 15.8 points/game for the season is suuuuuch a Buccaneer style decision. My hope with L&L in place is that represents a Buccaneer style decision of old.

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    This is the year they get the pick correct. Dominik, Hickey and most all of the old scout dept. have been replaced. We now have experienced football people making the decisions on the personal side of things. This pick is a no brainer, you take the best QB and that is Winston.

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