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    “Assuming Winston enjoys a nice, long professional career”
    I put the over/under on Winston’s career at exactly Tim Couch’s 59 career starts.
    I don’t think the Bucs will be smart enough to give up on him after he gets Lovie fired. I don’t think the Glazzers will bring in a new regime that wont at least lie to them and tell them that it is worthwhile to salvage something from Winston.
    And then there will be one or 2 GMs willing to give him a third chance once we finally get him out of Tampa Bay.
    59 Games in the NFL… That might be a bit optimistic on my part, but I’m hopeful.

    And for those who think I’m a hater, I really honestly think Jameis will be a great coach one day. Those that can’t do often make very good teachers. And he has a great attitude.

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      Roland, it will only be 59 games because he was taken #1 overall. this pick will set the franchise back another 5 years. Too bad when some of us ‘haters” preferred MM over the homer pick, SR, MC and the rest of the PR staff went for the hometown play. Reality is JW is a REALLY nice guy who has NO NFL future, unless you consider holding a clipboard a future.

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      Eric Horchy

      For the record, I never wrote anything about “a nice, long professional career” involving Winston being a starter that whole time. Maybe I’m wrong, but being a career backup/spot starter for 10ish years is a pretty sweet gig.
      I really don’t see him going down the path of Josh Freeman and being completely out of the league after a handful of years.

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        Good point Eric.
        My bad.

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    “Winston’s ability to escape pressure more effectively than Mike Glennon or Josh McCown”
    Ha ha ha.
    Really ADORABLE.
    Jameis the single least athletic QB (minus Peyton post neck fusion) starting in the NFL.
    Mike Glennon posted the almost same exact timed and measured stats at the combine as Jdub. And Glennon is 6’7″…
    Winston is no athlete. Jdub is as slow-twitch as they come at QB in todays NFL.

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    Haha, you think Glennon is more mobile than Winston. ADORBALE.

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      cgmaster27, your reading comprehension, as usually, is adorably lacking.
      Glennon is not more mobile then Winston. They are very, very comparable. Sorry, that’s to big a word for you isn’t it… They are the same. Similar. Alike.

      Glennon being 6’7″ will never have the same speed during direction changes as Winston. But Winston with his big slow goofy clown feet will never have the ability to slide and move in the pocket like a boxer either. (You know, how Tom Brady went from a 5th round pick prospect to a Hall of Famer). Glennon has decent footwork in the pocket and was actually improving.

      cgmaster, Glennon and Winston are very very equal in athletic ability. They are both well bellow average for an NFL QB.

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        lmao ok couch coach.

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    Gholston also would have had a sack except for an inadvertent face mask. Hope he keeps the hustle up.

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    I don’t think Brady could win with the coaching and the surrounding players on this team. I don’t think we have had an average team in years.

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    The Bucs would have a much better chance of winning games with Glennon simply because of his experience. This OL is better than any he has had in the past and we have a few weapons. Winston needs to learn and observe from the sidelines. He’s not learning from his mistakes and showing any improvement.MM appears to be much more mature and able to adjust to the NFL. Winston needs less pressure. He’s not going to get that being thrown into the fire each week. The season is lost already. Don’t kill his confidence with loss after loss. He’s had too much too soon. Bench him and let this team win a few and gel. Right now, he can’t carry the team and the team can’t carry him. Glennon’s experience could make a difference. There needs to be a transition. Winston is not ready just yet.

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    some of you really just need to stop. how many gameshas glennon won for us? are you serious with the notion of putting glennon back in there? the kid has got to play! he also has none of his weapons all at once. not having ASJ is proving to be a huge loss.our tight ends are horrible outside of him. mike evans was out for a month. thats a month of reps that he and winston lost and now their playing catch up. you act like you all have his career figured out. im sure everyone had eli mannings career figured out after his first three seaons too…just stop. your nothing but couch coahes. thats it. the kid will get better. i swear some of you should just go be titans fans. really please just go.

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      Buclover, We should go be titan fans because we actually want the Bucs to be a better team. We dont want to completely ruin our #1 pick Winston by consistently throwing him to the wolves every week. We dont want to ruin his confidence which happens to be his best attribute. I think we should sit him and let him learn. Quit throwing him under the bus every week. Start Glennon, try to make him look as good as possible so we can get a good draft pic out of him when we trade him later. I do believe Winston will get better if he isn’t getting beat down every week. And FYI, the Giants didn’t start Manning his rookie year until week 9. They sat him and had him watch and learn from Warner. Mannings second year, which he was the starter from week one, Manning finished among the top five quarterbacks in both passing yards and touchdown passes, while leading an offense that finished third in the NFL in scoring with a total of 422 points. They also finished 11-5 and won there division. So I’m pretty sure the Giants knew Eli was going to be good after his first full year as a starter.

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    Perfect buclover!!

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    In order:
    1st Q blues: when was the last time we had a team that started fast…or even started sluggish…is it really that hard to not start every game in a hole?

    OLine: I admit to expecting us to have the 32 ranked Oline in the league this year, and I am incredibly happy that we are probably more like 22nd.

    JW: I fully expected multiple-INTs game from him in the first quarter of the season…but I also fully expect to see improvement now over the last three quarters. And in fairness to all of my PR brethren who are calling for JW’s head, it is hard to have a favorite team and watch them play without cheering them on to win…cheering for expected losses is not a lot of fun…I feel your pain.

    DE: here there is no excuse for L&L. There have been guys available (FA and draft)…we didn’t get them (for whatever excuse anyone wants to put out there), and that’s on L&L – it’s their job to get someone in here, to figure out how to get them in here, and to make it happen…no excuses! As my High School basketball coach used to say “excuses are for losers, winners have no excuses”.

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      EastEndBoy, I agree with most of what you’re saying. I especially agree with the no excuses mantra. My grandmother always said, “Excuses only satisfy the maker (maker being the person making the excuse, not God…some people have gotten confused when they heard me say the expression)”. No matter the expression, I really REALLY hate excuses.

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    One more thought…probably many of you, like me, watched us on our final drive before half time go 80 yards with seeming ease for a TD, and wondered “why don’t we do that every time”? Here is the play calling on that drive:

    1) Martin outside
    2) Martin middle
    3) JW short to VJax right
    4) Martin middle
    5) JW short to Murphy left
    6) Martin middle
    7) JW screen to Martin
    8) Sims outside
    9) JW short to Vjax middle
    10) JW short to Murphy left
    11) Sims middle
    12 JW short to VJAx left
    13) Martin middle

    In review, that looks like a very “controlled” drive, balanced, a number of the short passes were slants (not long outs to the sideline…a.k.a. the JW pick-6 specials), Evans was a decoy, Myers was kept out of the equation except to block. The defense was off balance, the tempo was altered, VJax was the money-man and Martin was involved in both running and receiving…oh, and NO penalties!

    The rest of our drives: deep passes, penalties, targeting Evans in double teams…

    Just a thought…with a rookie QB, maybe we keep it simple, short, balanced, and focused on the likely open WRs…

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    I have never seen so many seers. People who can see into the future with perfect clarity. You must be making a killing in the market. Wow 59 games. Yes, let’s trade him after 59 or less games for say a 6th rounder, to S.F. where he ends up in the Hall of Fames in Canton. You guys are all pathetic.

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    I don’t see Winston becoming a Freeman either.
    But I was never high on starting the kid the very first game of the season.
    They should have started Glennon the first 5 games and then assessed where they were as a team.
    If they were 3-2 then you have a legitimate shot at the playoffs. But if you are 2-3 or worse, then your chances are diminished, especially considering the talent of the teams we have gone against.
    I don’t think the team is hurting Winston’s confidence right now, but if he has another bad game against the Jags, they might want to sit him for a few games and let him catch his breath.
    Winston is a bit clumsy with his big feet but he can improve on his footwork. He does seem to have more pocket awareness and scrambling ability than Glennon as well.
    Still, I don’t think Glennon would have thrown 4 INT’s in that game either.
    Finally, I really hate the Panthers and Cam Newton.
    Pretty soon they are going to run into a meatier team without a rookie QB and they are going to get chewed up and spit out like bad dog meat.
    Newton is full of hubris right now and when he starts getting smacked down he’s going to go back to the bench, put a towel on his head and sulk like a little girl.
    They are mistaking being lucky for being good. Without that fumble recovery for a TD that still could have been a different game.
    This team has shown week in and week out they have just as much talent as the other teams they just lack the confidence and the swagger that comes with it to win games.
    They better start believing in themselves if they expect to save the season.

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    Wow I must admit – PR use to be the place for balance and calmer fans but you guys are really extreme. Calling Winston a busy or a clipboard holder after 4 games???

    I mean statistically speaking it’s highly unlikely and as SR and MC pointed out leading to the draft, history says you must draft a quarterback to eventually contend in the NFL. You guys like me are sick of losing but to speak out of emotion and call him a bust is premature and irresponsible.

    It’s okay to want Lovie out and I agree the excuses are dead but Jameis is an asset and as you’ve read MANY teams would trade the farm for a young quarterback of his ceiling and potential. Please rethink your opinions and enjoy the ride because 10 years from now we will be talking about his rookie season – it goes by in a blur.

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    Thanks for your calm approach Architek79.
    Agree with you about the calmer and more rational fans overall.
    After watching Sunday’s game in the stadium I can understand some of the anger but you are right, to call a player a bust after four games is inane.
    Still, I thought he was thrown into the fire to soon but it’s to late to go back now.

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    Finally a rational comment, from an architect no less, after reading the juvenile, knee-jerk remarks from fans seeking to validate their prior bias. Happens every time a QB 0r DT doesn’t have the instant success many think should come with a young 21 year old on the first step of his career path.

  17. 16


    This team is failing not bc of Jameis and his INTs but bc of the front office’s(mainly Lovie’s) glaring inability to assess talent. Add Delaire to the long list of players that could help our team if we were smart enough to keep him. Not acquire, trade or pry off someone’s practice squad but just KEEP.

  18. 17


    Definition: CRITIC
    a person who expresses an unfavorable opinion of something. “critics say many schools are not prepared to handle the influx of foreign students”.
    synonyms: detractor, attacker, fault-finder, backseat driver, gadfly

    Definition: FAN
    an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) usually as a spectator; an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit).
    Synonyms: addict, aficionado, buff, devotee, enthusiast, fanatic, fancier, lover, maniac

    Definition: HATER
    a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing. “a man hater”. an unusually negative or critical person.
    Synonyms: cynic, anklebiter, slanderer, misanthrope, traitor, deserter

    Make no mistake about it, macabee is an occasional critic, but an unabashed fan – and to be clear a Buc fan at that! The synonyms addict and maniac sound about right. You are free to choose which definition best describes you! In case you have trouble defining yourself, we know who you are! Lol.

  19. 18


    Well the Noles Fans have left the building, after all the bias fans boasting for their qb before the draft the Winston fans except CG has stuck around to stand up for their guy. Well as much as I wanted Mariota it didn’t happen and I knew the Bucs were handing in the card with Winston’s name on it, I started preparing myself as a Winston fan myself as I am a Bucs Fan and I support my qb at least for a few yrs and I certainly don’t throw him under the bus and say ” he will only last 56 games, he sucks etc Keep in mind the kid is only 21 yrs old played in two yrs of college ball and is on a s**t team with two rookies on o-line, now if Winston has bad feet and sails balls in yr 3 then I can’t say anything to support this but in his rookie yr in week 5 give me a break and settle down people with these forecasts.

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