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    Here’s what I’m thinking about! In his day after presser, Lovie Smith said “I’m discouraged By Secondary Play, But Trust They Will Respond” – coach speak at its best. There is no need to complain about our secondary because it is a patchwork quilt that is going to be exploited by veteran QBs at every turn. I take no pleasure in calling out players by name because it is not their fault as they have been extras in this movie, but now find themselves in leading roles.

    Jude Adjei –Barimah and Sterling Moore are two UDFAs who have never played CB in the NFL. Sterling originally signed with the Raiders but was cut, then signed as a FS with the Pats and eventually ended up playing nickel back in Dallas. He was signed to the Bucs with the understanding that he would get a shot at playing corner. Jude is a FS out of Bowling Green that has never played corner, but has good speed as he ran a 4.48/40 on his pro day. No need to even mention the others as they can’t beat out two players who never even played the position.

    Hopefully, we can fix this with one proven veteran UFA CB in FA, one FS and one CB taken early in the 2016 draft. We need two F-14 Tom Cat fighter pilots protecting the air space deep and over the middle. We need Maverick and the Goose cruising the sidelines. You can tell these high motor supremely confident types by their swagger and bravado! We don’t have these skilled personalities now. But today’s NFL requires these prima donnas to keep up with the MIGs (WRs) opposing offenses will be throwing at us. These players rank only second to a franchise QB or premium Left tackle. They are must haves!

    Time for a change and change we must as we deserve better than what we’re getting. No fault of Jude and Sterling – good men they are. But this is a nuclear arms race and we need weapons of mass destruction. Go Bucs, Get it done!

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      Mac, I would also add that no defensive backfield is going to hold up to an ineffective D-line that can’t to the QB. It pains me to think that yet another high draft pick as talented as Jonathan Banks is a bench warmer and will be cast off only to become a Pro Bowler with another team; dare I say the Patriots?

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    Thank you for acknowledging the bogus penalties, game changers as they were.

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    I’m not saying we don’t need to improve our personnel on defense and in particular, the D-line; but what I watched was nearly every time Hasselbeck went back to pass they were in mass-protect and double-teaming each one of our four rushers. Couple that with the quick and accurate release and it made it very difficult to get the oldster on the turf.

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    We are talent poor. We have Charchick Darby and Greg Spires rushing the passer. You can call me Al Singleton playing LB. Sabbi Pish at safety. We are expecting the role players to be our bed rock players. Ain’t going to happen…

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    Gruden pointed out a bogus holding call last night, and blasted the refs for being flag happy. It’s a problem that’s creeped into the NFL, getting like the NBA. The flag on Mike Evans is a perfect example, it’s a play that at best could go either way, so why even throw the flag? Refs are also reacting to flopping. While watching redzone I saw a receiver act like he was grabbed, and got the flag. They’re throwing flags for what they think they should’ve saw, instead of what’s actually seen. Our corners aren’t the best, but they aren’t being helped by pass rush, or solid safety play. We’re loosing Kwon for basically the rest of the season so not expecting much defensively down the stretch. Win 2 out of 5 I’ll be happy.

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    No corners are going to look good in Lovies 10-yard cushion zone defense. What a joke. We dont need good corners as much as we need a good coach. Lovie sucks period.

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    Well said Goldson. Lovie defense doesn’t know what press coverage is. Just a thought….why don’t they try Banks at free Saftey. Big kid and could actually cover a tightend. Saftey’s anymore need to be more coverage guys then bangers!!!!!

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    Anybody we draft high ..Lovie seems to want to dump them.

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    priority in draft is a DE. Two of our last wins was helped by blitzing; why didn’t we do it against a QB who no longer is a deep threat and only throw short/medium passes? DL isn’t going to be fixed this season; they need additional help by blitzing from time to time. What am I missing?

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    I thought the calls were bad until I saw them in text. Now I think they were horrendous and definitely cost us the game.
    It just wasn’t this game either.
    Every game I saw this weekend(4)there were terrible calls or non calls.
    As for the deficiencies of the Bucs, I have addressed them previously.
    A weak DL due to poor drafting by previous regimes.
    Defensive secondary lacking for the same reason and please don’t bring up Aqib Talib and Darrel Reavis.
    Talib was a time bomb that everyone wanted gone and Reavis, or any other CB, isn’t worth 16 million a year.
    He hasn’t made more than 12 mill since he was waived.

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    Well PR-ites, I think we all know the issues on defense and no doubt we could have dominated the Colts and won the game 12-10…but it’s hard to overlook that our offense went AWOL in the second half and was the catalyst for our loss.

    In terms of improving our defense – which we clearly need to do to be a contender (Colts game aside) – I agree a great looking DE would be nice, but we are unlikely to be picking in the top-10 at our current pace and that means the best Des will be gone most likely…picking in the middle of the pack we’re more likely to be staring at top OGs, CBs, DTs, LBs, RBs and second tier OTs, DEs and QBs. Where are our biggest needs OT (I know that’s a bit contentious) and DE….with the next need at….CB….the way we solved this problem last time around was with Mr Rice in FA…sadly I don’t think any top DEs are UFAs this year, but maybe we can find someone??????

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    Unfortunately we got bit by some terrible flags, that’s the first time I’ve watched a game and thought it was fixed, and a veteran QB who just nickle and dimed us to death. Why weren’t the corners pressing like they did the last two games?
    While our d-line did get pressure, Hassleback was releasing the ball at a 2.6 second clip. I don’t care how good your line is , if the QB is getting it out that quick, no lineman is going to get there. That’s why I feel our biggest need is secondary. Somebody with an attitude and I believe like above, we will be picking too late to get a game changing DE. Also too late to get Ramsey or Hargreavse from Florida. Tough spot to be in. I do think we win about 2 more game though and 7-9 would be a damn good season in my book.

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