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    Browns did us a big favor by exposing an aspect of the game the offense needed to work on.
    Not sure if running against 5 or 6 man blitz packages is the smart thing to do however unless your planning on tossing the ball outside and having the OT seal off the outside LB.
    Best way, I believe, is to go to your hot read in one on one coverage.
    Another possibility is to run the slot receiver to the empty positions where the LB’s have vacated for the blitz and to get him the ball on quick slants and hitches.
    If anybody has watched Manning pick apart blitzing defenses this is exactly what he does.

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      I totally agree with your take but I am afraid we are not going to get to see much today with the weather. We all know how ineffective we are when the other team Knows that we are going to run the ball

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    So glad to be able to dust off my #22 MARTIN jersey. The way the Pewter Report gang was writing him off last year, I was convinced the Curse of the Scubog Player Jersey was at it again.

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    I never lost faith in Martin. Worst O line in league and banged up what did you expect? Go Bucs! Go Doug!

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