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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com

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    I am so excited that Winston is our quarterback. Wow, he does get it! I love this quote ““I know Jason Licht is going to make the right decision. I know because he drafted me…” I love the confidence. I love that he told Kwon to get on it with knowing the other teams play. I can’t wait for the upcoming season where he will have a C on his jersey. I can’t wait for him, and the defensive players the Bucs draft, to knock ol’ Cam around wipe that stupid grin off his face. Go Bucs!!!

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    Delicious Fab 5 Scott! Great read and since I have been howling at the moon on every post about trading down if possible, I’m glad it is a real possibility! Good deep draft with similar players late in DL. In Licht we Trust! GO BUCS

  3. 3


    I agree that it’s very realistic that the Bucs trade down given our needs, the needs of other teams below us and who is available this year to draft. I think the scenario SR came up with in terms of trading with the Rams could play out that way. I think a scenario that is just as likely is that the Lions trade up for OT R. Stanley because I think he will be there with the #9 pick and I know I don’t want him so I hope the Bucs don’t either. If we trade down to the Lions’ spot we should have our pick of Ogbah and Rankins and the Lions need an OT more than we do.

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    Great Fab 5 as always guys. Love hearing this stuff about Jameis as he is truly a franchise QB. This stuff is the very reason I didn’t want Mariota and why Jameis was what this organization needed. His charisma and leadership are what put him over the top. Hi will win superbowls in Tampa, you can book it.
    On a side note, Pink you won’t evaporate if you say something nice about Jameis. I promise.
    As for the draft, glad to hear the Bucs aren’t too high on Hargreaves or Lawson.
    I’ve said all along, unless Ramsey drops a bit to around 5 for a trade up possibility, we will trade back. I’m all for getting more picks in this draft. Personally the defensive back I really want now is Williams from Houston. Seen him first hand and he is fantastic. Size, speed, and ball skills, he’s got it all. And trading back to around 14 would be a perfect spot to get him.
    Trade Glennon for another pick and you has some real firepower to pick with. Very excited for the draft as this year it’s a lot of the unknown ,unlike last year.
    Maybe get William Jackson the 3rd in the first round and Ogbah, or Dodd in the second. That would be a great start for the defense. We’ll see what happens. Again, great fab 5!

    1. 4.1


      I have, many times throughout last season in fact but it gets forgotten or overlooked as your comment demonstrates. I stopped talking about him because no one on either side is listening to reason so I said after the “foot speed” debate that I’m done talking about him until there are more games he’s played in to talk about.

      1. 4.1.1


        Just picking on you Pink and no it’s not overlooked. I saw one pat on the back from you and that was when he threw 5 tds in a game.
        Don’t worry, I anxiously await your 3 year breakdown.

    2. 4.2


      I’m on board with you cgmaster27 on William Jackson III. Showed him a little love earlier in the year. Like you said he has it all, size, speed and ball skills. I think he’s being overlooked by many because he went to UH. The man is smooth out here and will be a playmaker for sure. And we wouldn’t have to reach for him for that same reason (smaller school). Keep hearing about VH3, Apple, Alexander….how about Williams.


  5. 5


    Scott, I am a little confused by your trade scenarios. You state in order to get 2 first rounders the Bucs would make a trade with the Cardinals. In doing so we would have to swap 3rd round picks and give up our 6th round pick. Swapping 3 rounders would leave the Bucs with the 92nd pick in the draft not the 74th pick. Later in the article you continue to have the Bucs with the 74th pick and list possible candidates for that pick. I don’t believe any of your possible 3rd round selections will still be there at the 92nd pick. Am I missing something?

  6. 6


    Glad your back Scott. Didn’t realized how much I like the Fab 5 until it did not show up last week. In your Pulse video Mark wants Ramsey, so do I. Trade Glennon to Browns and swap #1’s. That should do it. Glennon will be ready to go when RG3 busts out. It will happen. Then snag Noah Spence in the second, Bronson Kaufars in the third. I know that is not spelled correctly.then best available tackle. It’s dream come true.

  7. 7


    All I know is this could be one of those drafts where we are all over the board with trading up and down. Throw in Glennon and it could be really interesting. Can’t wait.

  8. 8


    Fantastic Fab 5 as always Scott! Man you have got THIS fan pumped! First off, I absolutely agree with you about Jameis Winston. Not many QB’s come into their second year looking like future HOF players, maybe Andrew Luck did, but Jameis IS who we all think he is. Great to hear an inside story on our franchise QB.
    LOVE the trade down oprions presented too. Hope it happens but I’m pretty damn sure this Buccaneer team will be a better one when this month is over.
    Scott keep it up! You and Mark have brought Pewter Report to even higher standards and we appreciate it very much.
    Thanks and a hat tip!

  9. 9


    It is crazy to think that NFL.com did a post-free agency team ranking from 1-32 and they had the Bucs at 28th? Wow… Nuts. Great to see Winston’s progress on and off the field. I hope that he runs less this year. I don’t want to see him in an upside down cartwheel flying though the air again any time soon. As far has Hargreaves, I’m getting a little FSU homer syndrome feel from some of you gents. I’m a Canes fan and I can see that this kid is the real deal. Rd 1 Hargreaves, Rd 2 Vonn Bell. I hate the trade up scenario as well. This defense need more that one stud like Jalen Ramsey. Meathead is a deft talent evaluator… The more picks he has, more better the Bucs roster will be. Keep up the great indepth coverage Mark & Scott… And let’s get some craft beers in front of you on the Pulse!

    1. 9.1


      I think most peoples problems with Hargreaves are more of a where we are picking at situation. I don’t mind him, but not at 9. I’m a nole homer no doubt but judging by my eyes he got smoked last year , A LOT. Add that to the fact that I don’t want him facing a receiver whos already toasted him to a tune of 200 yards and 3 td’s twice a season, and I just don’t like the pick. I think William Jackson the 3rd will be a better prospect in the long run. Just my thoughts. I do love Bell in the second though. Although I just don’t see the bucs going secondary 2 times in the first two picks with our d-line issues.

      1. 9.1.1


        I wouldn’t be surprised if a Dodd, Spence or some other DE ends up sliding into our slot in the second round. I guess my feelings for the secondary come from the Washington game (Cousins) and Rams (Grandpa) when our D-line seemed to be getting some pressure, but the secondary was completely burned by pedestrian QBs. That could also have been Lovie & Fraiser’s botched defensive scheme… But, I see some of Winston’s attitude in Hargreaves, he has a drive to be the best and he is gracious to WRs like Treadwell that worked him over and then dissed him after the game. He has an arrogance, but that is necessary in a CB these days. He’ll tackle and he’s got great instincts. He’s a well rounded player. To me, the hardest players to find are 1-Franchise QB, 2- Premier Left Tackle, 3-lockdown CB… We seem to be great at 1, solid at 2 and should take a shot at a young 3.



          Oh, come on now, Mac… Not drafting a player because he had a bad game? At least Pink didn’t post this last year… Ouch, Jameis! http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/11/jameis-winston-threw-three-interceptions-in-the-first-quarter-against-florida



            I do agree E that he has the fire I like in a player. We need more of that for sure. But he had a couple of games at the end of last season where he didn’t have a good game. I just have a preference from what I’ve seen with my own eyes for William Jackson the 3rd all day. Bigger, faster, and just as much production.



            I think that’s what i said, e! My post said yes, there were bad games and this one was memorable. And surely, you aren’t comparing Hargreaves to Winston? And I’m not saying, he’s not an very good CB. I’m saying I wouldn’t draft him at 9 – simple as that! I’ve been wrong before!! lol.



            Just so we’re clear on my opinion on Hargreaves, please scroll and read my comments regarding drafting him.


    2. 9.2


      A fair assessment, gents… I feel like Will Fuller is also worth a look. The size issue is somewhat negated by excellent body control and instincts go a long way to making up for the 2-3″ of height? I remember hearing a lot of arguments against drafting Kuechly a few years ago on the TBT site where he was too small and not that fast… Lack of size and speed can be negated by knowing where you are suppose to be and moving instinctually. I must admit that I haven’t seen much of William Jackson. While he might have all of the physical measurables, there has to be a reason that they have him mocked in the 3rd?

  10. 10


    Keep it up Scott! I gotta admit, I look forward to Thursdays to read the info you give us. Though, I believe it may be a bit early to fit Jameis with a Gold Jacket, but knowing from what you see and the vibe he gives you, it makes you believe that, it really gets me pumped to see what he can do in the 2nd chapter of his career!

  11. 11


    My draft plan would be to move back and select William Jackson CB from Houston. I agree with cgsmaster that he is everything we want in an island corner for this aggressive brand of defense. Use our 2nd round pick on Ogbah/Dodd/Spence depending on whose available. I don’t see much seperating that set of DEs and all could develop and be used in a rotation early on as they develop. Moving Mike Glennon for a 2nd round pick is needed so that we can select Karl Joseph the safety from WestVa. He remind me of Earl Thomas in his ability to cover the field and deliver big hits along the way. Lastly use our 3rd round pick on DT Javon Hargraves from South Carolina St. He has measureables very similar to those of Rankins but he played in FCS and should be available in round 3 as a result of that. We had success with Marpet who came from a similar situation and given the upside Hargraves has I think he could end up being a steal. This scenrio would give us an extra 2nd or 3rd from trading down in the 1st which we could use on another LB to groom, a speed WR, or offensive lineman which would all improve the team.

    1. 11.1


      Getting jackson and then any of those guys you listed in the second would be a fantastic start for us this draft.

  12. 12


    Great Fab 5, as always. Love starting my Friday chock full of fresh Buc news I can bother my few friends with.
    I am going to leave all the drafting scenarios to Licht. After the last two drafts he seems more than capable of handling the process.
    Good job. meathead.
    I always thought this team needed a meathead with a top flight scouting department if it was going to succeed instead of the pretty preppy boy we used to have.
    Licht seems to be copying the Seahawks in terms of the players they are looking for and the game.
    One of the key reasons Pete Carroll of the Seahawks gave for their drafting success in recent years is how they found players who loved and were dedicated to the game and their profession.
    Love the wisdom Winston imparted to Alexander. We used to have a Mike LB named Barrett Rudd who could change defenses because he knew what plays were coming due to the formations the team set.
    Watched him and Drew Brees get into audible calls for like 20 seconds one time at RJ Stadium.
    Of course we lost Rudd because to many people were listening to that stiff Ian Buckles on the radio who said Rudd got pushed around.
    What was really happening was he was getting DL pushed into him.
    Glad I don’t have to listen to his nonsense on the radio anymore.

  13. 13


    One more thing. I loved your breakdown of film and would hope you do and provide more of this analysis with our town team.
    Perhaps showing jonnyg why the Bucs like Stocker as a blocker.
    Stocker the Blocker.
    Saw the guy on TV getting interviewed and the guy is built like a tank with the guns to go with it.

  14. 14


    What gives SR? No love? LOL. I linked a bunch of youtube videos of Michigan OT Jack Conklin dominating every top DE in this years class on these boards a few weeks back. I whole heartedly agree with your full and detailed assessment on why Oregon’s DeForest Buckner wouldn’t be a good fit in pewter and red. Good read this week.

  15. 15


    You folks at Pewter Report have done it again. I really enjoyed the Pewter Pulse, then a great Fab 5 here today. I always learn new things about the Bucs from you and I really enjoy receiving this insight regarding the upcoming draft. I don’t always agree with your draft picks, but I do give some thought to the reasons that you give and often will switch my line of thinking. Keep up the good work, I always look forward to the information that you supply us with.

  16. 16


    This one of the best mock draft senarion I’ve read in a long long time. I like all the seniaro. What if Tampa trades the other #2 pick to Cleveland and mike glennon qb to secure two qb’s in Clevland and Tampa move to Clevland Rd-2 pick. That would give Tampa 2 no#1’s a high no#2 #74 Rd-3 Rd-148. and gives up 2017 no# 6.That would be a great draft.

  17. 17


    Great read Scott. Loved the section on Winston. Its fun to play with trades at this point in the offseason, but they seldom materialize in round 1 for the Bucs. Now moving up and down on day 2 and 3 is a real possibility to get our guy. I’m always skeptical about the potential for first round trades. I guess we disagree on #9. I’m not to keen on a CB, and definitely don’t think we need an interior lineman (Rankin) as our top pick. I am all in on one of the pass rushers if not 2. We need to put pressure on the QB. Speed and aggressiveness with a wing pan to impede signal callers is my top choice. We need a Simeon Rice type player which brings me to Ogbah, Lawson, and yes Floyd, possibly Spence. Everyone is making their list and most of us agree to disagree. Will find out in less than a month. Go Buc’s

  18. 18


    After waiting since 2002 for Tampa greatness to return I am leaving the Country. And I envy you guys. Because we are on our way. Tampa has a serious Franchise QB. We are not going to dwell in eh cellar much longer. With any improvement on Defense, this is going to be a very good team.

    1. 18.1


      Will you not get to watch any more games? Not sure where you are going but I hope you get to catch a few on satellite.

      1. 18.1.1


        I am moving to Indonesia. To watch it you have to get up at 1:00 am or 4:00 am. And I would do that, but you also have to have to pay to watch American football, but I am going to try hard to find a way to get it.

  19. 19


    Scott, I was listening to Gil Brandt on NFL Sirrus one day and he reveal there was a point system GM’s use in the draft when trading.
    Brandt also stated, of course, that he was the one who developed it and it was still in use today.
    Do you know what the point system is and can you print it so the less informed among us, including myself, have a little more knowledge about what should be given away for trades.

    1. 19.1


      google it. its all over the web. and it was jimmy johnson who made it famous, even if gil brandt worked for the boys at the time.

  20. 20


    Really liked it a lot Scott; don’t agree with all of it though. My fellow fans, Glennon is not worth more than a 4th round pick because he is an unrestricted free agent after the 2016; think about that and you’ll say, oh!. We should have traded him late year when we could have gotten a third round pick for him. Scott, you sold me on the need for a DT over a DE because in Klotter’s presser he talked about the need of the OG’s even more than the OT’s in protecting the QB. I like others saw way too much of Hargraves getting burned more than the norm for a first rounder. I’m not for trading up at spot 9 as I don’t see anyone worth it for what we have to give up. Not sold on Ramsey, Bosa either at spot 9. Most years I’m for trading down in the first round and this is another one.

    1. 20.1


      Horse- How do you figure Glennon is only worth a 4th? Its a QB driven league. Glennon may be available after this year to any team, but he will get a big contract next year. When that happens, Tampa will likely get a 3rd round compensatory pick the following year. And if Denver, St. Louis, NY Jets, Cleveland, Arizona, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas or New England don’t draft their QB of the future this year, they will wish they had a young veteran with tape and a year in their system more than next year’s rookie crop or a 2nd/3rd round round pick from the 2016 draft. Having said that, I hope Tampa keeps Glennon if they can’t get a late 2nd or early 3rd this year.

      1. 20.1.1


        The compensatory pick is also based on our quality of free agent signing. I bet we get no more than a 6th or 5th comp pick.

  21. 21


    Good read Scott, but i disagree with your opinion of Leonard Floyd, the Jordan and Mingo comparison is off. He converts speed to power very well, his overall strength is just average and he doesn’t consistently use his length to stay effective when struggling to disengage blocks. But his true strentgh presently, is playing off of the line of scrimmage possessing great footwork, surprising instincts and vision. At this moment he’s closer to Jamie Collins, Patriots, then Dion Jordan. Floyd has a ton of upside as a 4-3 SLB, and you hope in year 3 and 4 of his contract he can improve his strength and become more Demarcus Ware, the sack master the team sorely lacks. The kid has way to much versatility, for a team like us thats going to a more modern hybrid defense, he fits perfectly. You really don’t think Daryl Smith was brought in to play SLB? If Leonard Floyd and Charles Tapper aren’t in your mock draft, Scott, check for my Tampa Bay mock draft at NFLDRAFTBIBLE.COM next week.

  22. 22


    Glad you’re back Scott and re-energized after a much needed vacation. I couldn’t believe the howling and whining from posters whose quality of life is apparently dependent upon your Friday offering. Perhaps next Spring, Mark can fill in with a column of his own called “What’s Cooking?” a five course doomsday prepper style meal of subsistence level opinion and information to feed the starving masses. Or perhaps one of the more eloquent posters can take the podium, a la a substitute teacher, to keep the class in their seats and the noise down until the bell rings.

    1. 22.1
  23. 23


    Horse, he was drafted in the 3rd round and he has had a pretty good career as a starter. How could he only be worth a 4th even if he is going to be a free agent next year ? One of the problems with the Bucs is as Joni Mitchell says : You don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone. This organization has failed at trades and free agency over and over. Plenty of teams need a good QB, and Glennon could start on most teams. He is worth at least a 2nd or more. maybe two 2nds.

    1. 23.1


      Seat 26; my opinion is that he is a stiff and slow drop back passer with no other skills in today’s NFL where some mobility is required. Again, just my opinion; heck I hope we can do much better for a trade, but last year was our best bet. It seems only the TB, reporters, and fans feel he is worth more. He would have long been traded if we good have gotten a 3rd for him.

      1. 23.1.1


        I think most teams know bucs are push overs when it comes to trades, and even though Glennon has the ability to be a starter no one wants to over pay if he can be had for next to nothing if they just hold out. I am guessing there are several teams who would be interested, and his real value will not be known until right when the draft starts and you see one of the QB’s come off the board. Bucs could end up really cashing in if they combine that with trading down too.

      2. 23.1.2


        I have been reading you for a while, and I thought you were one of the biggest supporters of Glennon. I am surprised to hear you say he is stiff. And not as worth much in a trade. But knowing the Bucs, they will find a way to trade him for a 5th or 6th round pick to a team that goes to the Superbowl.

  24. 24


    Very astute and funny, scubog. Well said. Horse apparently needed to be fed some fresh oats.

    1. 24.1


      drdneast, my main complaint was they gave the site no notification as to what was going on except for Twitter-Litter. That’s not being professional. Not sure what your career was or is, but it surely isn’t in Sales or Service; communication is what’s it’s all about and separates the good ones from the lazy ones.

      1. 24.1.1


        Horse go read the comment I left under yours on the article where you were crying about not being informed. All pewterreport’s tweets are posted right here on the website, just a few scrolls down past this comment section. Where the information was adequately presented MULTIPLE times. And the best part is you don’t have to “do” twitter to get the info! But like I said, some people just can’t be pleased no matter what you do. Scott don’t you EVER take a weekend off in MID MARCH again! How will we ever survive without another article going over mock drafts and who we may pick for the 50th time!! AHH!!! SCROLL DOWN HORSEY BOY! This is the age of information, it is all at our fingertips, for free!
        GO BUCS!!



          I didn’t know that about Twitter, thank you. I’ll look for it there from now on. Look I’m all for Scott taking as many weeks as he wants; just notify it on the Fab 5 Article before he goes on vacation.



          Okay, I can’t find what you are saying? I see the tweets on the right side which is responses from fans. I admit that all I know about the internet is not much, nor do I care to learn. I’ll pass on it, but will stop mentioning it anymore. Pewter Report I paid ahead 2 or 3 years, can I have my money back since it is free now?

  25. 25


    Horse, if I was giving you something free and you bellyached, complained and whined like you did, I would cut off your service.
    Here’s a well know business tip Donald Trump.
    Five percent of your customers cause you 90 percent of your problems. It’s nice for you to be in such a small club isn’t it.

    1. 25.1


      That’s an insult drdneath. Why do you always insult people? In my business adventures my saying was always ” I’m going to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

      1. 25.1.1


        And to think Horse, how would we all have survived had he sold his season tickets?



          cgmaster27, it wouldn’t have matter. Dredneath doesn’t understand I’m not attacking Scott; I’m talking about the Pewter Report. I have great respect for Scott not just as a good reporter, writer, but also as a person and a man of God.

  26. 26


    Scott, unless every mock and Arizona’s own newspaper is incorrect and you are right, Arizona owns the 29th overall pick, not the 30th. For one, the Pats were stripped of their 1st round pick this year (what’s new?).
    Maybe you will have better luck convincing Arizona of your trade proposal if you can get them to believe they actually own the 30th pick in trade points and not the 29th…but I short of that, good luck. But beyond that, getting back into the back end of Round 1 and taking a player like MacKensie Alexander would be a coup for Licht, even if he has to convince the Cards their pick is worth less than it appears 😉

  27. 27


    Well Buc fans Tampa did great last year in the draft.Let not even think now about trading down with La unless we get 2 no#2’s plus their no#1 and we give up a no #4 & #6 for 2017. Plus we get a high draFT PICK FOR MIKE gLENNON. mAYBE A nO#2 OR A NO#3. gO bUCS

  28. 28


    Scott Reynold and Mark Cook are Pewter Report, Horse.
    Geeeesh, it’s hard to separate the two.
    My business adventures tell me the same thing, Horse. That’s why I told you what I did.
    The fact remains is you get this product for free.
    Why not just offer up an apology for going off half cocked at an outstanding product, Pewter Report, that, again, you get for free.
    Has that simple act of contrition never occurred to you.
    Rmember Fonzie in the Happy Days episode when he struggled to say, “he was wrong.”

    1. 28.1


      drdneath, there’s nothing to apologize for. I have apologize before to Pewter Report if I was out of line; I’m not out of line here. I’m sure in future FAB 5’s notification will be in the Article if there is not one coming out the following week. You don’t know my political position drdneath so I’ll inform you now. I never vote by Party line because I’m not a donkey nor elephant; I’m an American Citizen and I have voted pretty evenly for both parties as President, Senator, House of Representative, Governor, State Senator & House of Rep, County Commissioners, Mayor; I’m also about even as to State, County, City Legislation changes.

  29. 29


    Not sure why you brought up your politics or your party affiliation since I made no mention of either.
    I did mention Donald Trump but that was in regards to his self described sense of being a brilliant businessman.
    How you can file for bankruptcy four or five times and run a professional football league into the ground and still describe yourself as “brilliant” is beyond my comprehension.
    It’s good that I assume you thought that being compared to him was an “insult” however.
    I do agree with you about the fans and the media being more in love with Glennon than anyone else.
    However, I disagree with you in regards to the type of QB talents needed to succeed in the NFL.
    Tom Brady is the epitome of the type of QB you said were being done away with in today’s NFL.
    RG III and Colin Kapernick are the type of QB’s I believe you feel are the prototype QB’s needed in today’s NFL.
    Which of the three would you rather have on your team.

  30. 30


    drdneath, I don’t recall me mentioning the QB’s in this Article, but Glennon be stiff, slow; that kind of stuff. I never said I was a brilliant businessman; I was a hard working one though. I was fortunate to acquire rental property for decades and still have most of it. Our views are not that far off about life and how we treat our fellow human beings.

  31. 31


    Why the heck is PR still using that awful Jimmy Johnson trade value chart to assign values to draft picks? Every single piece of it is 100% arbitrary. There’s no rhyme or reason to why pick ____ is worth this, and pick _____ is worth that. JJ may as well have created the whole thing after getting blackout drunk and sharing a few lines of blow with his star WR in Dallas at a local strip club. I haven’t read a report of an actual NFL team using that chart in many years. Why are we?

    1. 31.1


      toofamiliar17; exactly.

  32. 32


    I mentioned much earlier that I heard Gil Brandt talking about that chart on NFL Sirrus and he said he originated it.
    I’ve never even seen it but would love to.
    Does anyone have a copy of it.

    1. 32.1


      Here you go: https://cdn3.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/mPY8HFSY_6n1CLluSzj300NF-iE=/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/5901967/draftvalue1.0.jpg

      Again, it’s 100% arbitrary nonsense. Johnson made up every number more or less off the top of his head. No remotely scientific methodology. Basically, he just wrote numbers down for values of each pick and figured they looked about right.

      It’s idiotic.

  33. 33


    Sounds about how my last company came up with their sales number metrics for how to reach bonus.
    I looked at them and said, “you mean if I work 60 hours a week I can make this money. If not, I make nothing. I think I will take nothing,”

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