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    You can tell Winston needs the practice and I hope he gets to play a lot in pre season, especially the first 2 games. The heck with the way it has been done in the past. I don’t trust Coach Smith words about our DE’s or our QB situation yet. Practice, practice, practice. Go Bucs!

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    Hey we’re getting better – 3 INTs yesterday, 2 today, and none back to back (the glass half full perspective). I wasn’t at practice today but PR says Winston got conservative and threw more screens and check downs. It sounds to me like he’s learning and learning fast. You know they say a scalded cat is afraid of cold water. Lol. This is good judgment and an exercise in patience unless he’s been intimidated by the blitzes and I don’t think this guy is easily intimidated.

    Winston is going to be blitzed a lot and the Bucs know it. Because any DC worth his salt would do this to a rookie QB and an O-Line that heretofore couldn’t block a lingerie football team. So they’re going to throw this at him until he can both read and react to the blitzes.

    You have to look at the whole practice and from the camp videos I saw at Buccaneer.com, it was a good practice. Big Dot said it was the best practice they have had so far. Everybody has got work to do not only Winston cutting down on INTs, but also overthrowing open WRs, and WRs dropping passes that are on the money!

    I’m just as concerned about the whipping that DE Jaquies Smith put on LT Donovan Smith in 11 on 11s as I am Winston’s INTs. Videos and highlight film tend to be exaggerated toward the positive, but things are looking pretty good to me. I think the coaches are happy with where they are today.

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    This is really getting to be a concern. QB’s normally don’t improve their accuracy a the next level. I know its’ early but this is staring to feel like a bad pick. Can we trade with Tennessee?

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      Yes you are correct, it is entirely too early to worry about the pick. WE are barely through our first full week of practice and you want to trade our guy?
      As a Noles fan I can tell you the story of Winston’s first practice at FSU. Apparently Winston was so bad Jimbo kicked him off of the field. His first college game he completed 92% of his passes and had 5 touchdowns. The point is let these things come and don’t panic already. And even after one season we won’t know how good these two guys are.

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      this just in…Aaron rodgers and jameis winston both have 5 picks in training camp. Does that mean the packers should trade their qb as well? Lets settle down with the bad pick talk.

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    They’re both rookies Bucnut2. One is throwing INTs and the other is not throwing INTs, but can’t make simple throws. They will both get better!


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    Remember how many reps in Preseason Glennon got when he was drafted. Those are the amount of reps Winston needs to get to where he will need to be to produce this year. Let him start for both the first and second string Offense and let Glennon split time with Lobato with the third string Offense.

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    In no way am I saying we aren’t better because we are. We just need to get in practices for our DE’s QB, LT, RG, as much as possible. Hey I’m up beat; I know Coach Smith as to say what he has to say. I’m just being more cautious at this point in time. Go Bucs!

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    Horse, you and others have every right to be cautious and concerned. I am concerned, but I’m not panicked after the 4th day of practice and I’m not suggesting you are either.

    The Bucs have decided to make a huge gamble on Winston and the apparent intention to start a pair of rookies on the offensive line. I trust they know better than me and will have some measure of success. Time will tell if they bet right. Whether I agree or not doesn’t matter, but I do see what they are doing.

    Mariota is being spoon fed, Winston is being waterboarded. They have chosen to install the whole playbook now. They have that much faith in him and the information I’ve gotten is that Winston has absorbed it all and is calling protections his O-linemen don’t even understand yet. They’re having to slow him down in some instances.

    Their first game is the Titans and the DC is 75 year old Dick LeBeau, former DC of the Steelers who practically invented the Blitz and the exotic formations you see in the NFL today. The Bucs know this and must get him prepared for this coming onslaught. You could imagine how important this first game is and why they need to get off to a good start. Winston is going to make mistakes, but Licht says that the main reason they selected him was his ability to overcome difficulty and not be fazed by the moment.

    Charley Casserly was at OneBuc today and he agrees that Winston was the right choice for the Bucs and believes he can handle the baptism by fire that the Bucs have chosen for him. I’m as nervous as long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers, but I’m all in! (a lot of cat metaphors tonight) I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am this season! Lol.

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      Mac as usual ,your insight is fantastic and funny. I for one am very excited to see what we can do this season on both sides of the ball.

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    Relax gang! You learn best when things go bad. Our young QB is doing just that, learning… in PRACTICE. Why the focus on just the interception count? I suppose that the easiest measuring stick for the “untrained eye.” But that’s only one piece to the QB puzzle. We,and the media, should be looking at the whole picture of Winston’s development (which is just beginning). Is he in command of the huddle, able to call the play, know what he sees in his pre-snap read, understand the concept of the plays, have confidence, remain calm, take responsibility, give praise to teammates, and progressing on all of the aspects of QB plays? We here in Bucville always expect immediate stardom. Guess I should have known.

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    I guess everyone was expecting a plug-n-play QB that would be an instant success? I expect the media bandwagon to immediately suggest Winston was a bad pick after our first loss. I just didn’t expect it from Bucs “fans”

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