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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]com

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    If this is Jackson’s last year, we are really in trouble. I was thinking DL would be our first place to retool, but if we are just left with Evans and the other back ups, We will have to go receiver in the first or second round.

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    About the only good thing I can say about the game today is thank God it only counts as 1 loss! Today our “premier players” played uncharacteristically including: Jameis, Alexander, David at times, Grimes, Jackson. We are still 1-1 so lets see how this team reacts to this a$$ beating! I would, definitely start Hargreaves over Conte as well. much better athlete. I gotta tell ya, Carolina looked tough to beat today. We better clean up our assignments or it will get ugly quickly. Go BUCS!

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      How can you start Hargreaves over Conte? They play 2 different positions. Hargreaves is a corner and Conte is a safety.

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    Statement # 1: It was pretty clear that Jameis was pressing after that first INT when Evans had alligator arms in the end zone. Big confidence boost if #13 catches it. Big downer when it went the other way. The whole mentality of each team flipped. Then when Martin went down the game plan was out the window.

    Statement # 2: I only had a bit of an issue with keeping Winston in the game. Glennon was hiding behind the big sideline fan with a towel over his head. Seriously, I’m sure Jameis wanted to finish the game. Good experience to throw when the opponent knows you’re throwing.

    Question # 1: Of course Grimes is past his prime. But that doesn’t mean he can’t still be pretty good. I’m willing to let it play out when we’re not going up against two of the best receivers in the league. All CB’s get beat.

    Question # 2: Turnovers seem to come in bunches and even out over the course of the season. I expect we’ll get some real soon.

    Prediction # 1: I know you can’t fill every need in two or three Drafts. I’m sure Jason Licht sees that Jackson’s play has taken a serious nosedive. While many of us hoped/thought we could squeeze another year out of # 83; so far he looks like a below average receiver at best. If Sheppard was more than a Special Teams ace, he might be seeing more playing time. Need to incorporate the TE’s more. Sadly, this is the end for VJ.

    Prediction # 2: Funny, I was worried that if the Bucs defeated the Cardinals they would suffer a let down against what they and we fans would see as an easy victory against the Rams. Now, with the Rams pulling out a field goal fest against the Seahawks, the Bucs just might come out with some better focus.

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      Statement 2: I disagree with SR that Winston should come out in the 3rd quarter; but midway through the 4th he must come out even if he didn’t want to. Who’s the coach and who’s the player.
      Question 1: Maybe we can blame it on Miko?

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    I guess some have come back to earth after seeing how good we looked in week one. I still predict we will achieve 9 and 7. I expected a loss this week, only not this bad. Fortunately it still counts the same as if we had lost by 1 point.
    Jameis is till a very young NFL quarterback. I believe he got overconfident after all the attention from last week. I expect to see him grow and mature this year. (It will be very interesting see how many turnovers Jameis will have in his first three games next season. This would tell me a lot.)
    We have a team struggling to escape from the bottom tier in the NFL. This is a year of development.
    Arizona and New England are in the top tier. That is why they could go toe to toe in week one. We can now see where we are, realistically.
    If we were to come out of our first five games 2 and 3, I would be quite happy. 1 and 4 would not be shocking. It is where we come out in the end of the season that will tell the story of our growth. Should we somehow get into the playoffs and win the first game that would be significant. I would give our coaching staff an A or A+ for that.
    My expectations are still that if we will go 9 and 7 or 10 and 6. Odds are we still won’t make it to the playoffs.
    I am going to enjoy this season unless we end below 8 and 8. Then I would be very disappointed.
    I think we will beat the Rams. I expect no less than having us beat the teams we “should” beat. This is the difference I am expecting in contrast to to what has happened in the past ten years or so. I really think the coaching staff we have now is much better than what we have had for years.
    Go Bucs!!!

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    Shorts played 5 minutes, and he’s hurt already. I hope J Rogers fairs better if Martin misses time. Look we have a young team, let them grow together. Cut Shorts, get Spencer up so he and Winston can get game snaps. Like a bad act, I’d have a hook ready for V Jax, and Conte. We did draft a safety, Smith should play. Grimes is a liability. Maybe he could move to the slot. Teams half been matching their 6ft plus receivers against him with great results. We have an experienced 6ft2 corner sitting on the bench, a second round pick. Maybe Banks should match up on the Jones, Benj, Floyds, could it hurt?

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    Nonsense about Winston play those last few minutes; he a competitor. Lets get this straight Scott, Winston was chased out of the pocket many times. Humphries was the only guy getting consistently open. Evans for some reason was stretching out to catch the ball on a couple passes where he could have used that extra effort. Jackson played old. No pass rush is what did it for us. Did we blitz at all? Time to pull a couple players off our PS or someone elses and dump some of these old injured players. meanwhile, we’re on to the Rams and we have to beat them! Go Bucs!

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    I like this new article Scott.
    S#1: Yes – but his WRs mailed-it-in on the first three INTs. He gave them a chance and they said “no thank you”…perhaps not great throws, but it took two to tango on those INTs IMO.

    S#2: Yes – I happen to be one of those fans that cheers as much for our guys not getting injured as anything else these days.

    Q#1: Yes – he is, and yes VHIII will replace him. I still think Verner is quality too…I know I’m in the minority there.

    Q#2: I think this is a bit of ‘how the ball bounces’, but the ball seems to bounce better with a pass rush…and us sending the 4 linemen we have is not going to be enough I’m afraid.

    P#1: that sounds right, unfortunately. Last thing we need is another hole to fill, but we seem to have it.

    P#2: if we stick with the slow developing deep WR passing plays, then I am concerned…their DLine is ferocious. If we bring ASJ into the game A LOT more, then I think we’ll be on to something.

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    Rough outing. but agree on a couple of fronts.
    Statement 1. Agreed, winston was off today, but the receivers weren’t helping. Heck one pick was a heave at the end and the other was tipped at the line. The pick to VJ looked like him and Jameis were again on the wrong page. I think James was going back shoulder and VJ just overran it. I’ll get to VJ in a minute. Winston was going high on his throws and I think even he was a little rattled after that second pick. He was pressing and it showed.
    Statement 2. I say Jameis should’ve been pulled in the 4th. I don’;t doubt for a minute he wouldn’t have put up a fight to stay in here, that’s the kind of guy he is. But that is the franchise, no need to take hits when the defense knows you’re throwing.
    Question 1. I do think that it has been very tough match up these past two weeks for Grimes and let’s not forget, week one, he allowed a total of 5 yards on 1 completion against Atlanta. Fitz is just an incredibly tough match up for anyone. The guy is simply defying age at this point. I mean the dudes making diving catches between two defenders yesterday. We let this ride for a few more games and see where it goes. If he gets smoked next week by….. anyone on the rams roster, then it might be time for a change.
    Question 2. This is a good one, and I expected us to be a little more forceful in this area, especially after the pre-season. It kind of goes hand in hand with pressure thought right? And pressure we aren’t getting at all.
    Prediction 1. VJ is done. He has no speed out of his breaks and zero separation when running routes. Love the guy for what he has meant to this young team as a mentor and player, but he’s done. Wr will be something we absolutely have to address next off season.
    Prediction 2. I’d be inclined to agree with this, this young team has shown the ability to bounce back and it’s one of those games we “should” win. 2-1 is much better than 1-2. Especially with some of those bears we have left on our schedule.

    On a side note, our running game has to get going. The first two weeks it’s been paltry at best. Can’t have Jameis sitting back there winging it 40 times a gain. He thrives from play action.

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    I agree the Bucs should go to a two tight end set. That would give them better blocking…the O-line isn’t opening any holes. Further, VJax hasn’t lost a step…he never had a step! Ariz. speed was greater at every position than the Bucs, their DBs had our receivers in their back pockets the whole game. The Bucs have a long way to go, but I’m hoping for an 8-8 season.

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