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    I’m very very excited about VH3

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    VH3 WAS Awesome. I am wondering if the starting lineup doesn’t look different after this game ? Jenkins played pretty well too. Not to mention Storm Johnson. Who is that guy ? Is it my imagination or did Spence not play ?

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    As usual one can make the Impressive List by having but one noteworthy play and not necessarily their body of work. It’s really about the impressive play more than the impressive player. Of course that would require much more evaluation and film study. Example: Luuuuuuuuuuuuke Rhodes made the list because he got a sack when he beat Howard Jones in their race to the QB. Banks makes the list when a ball hits him right in the chest. Likewise Ryan Smith when the ball came right to him for an easy interception. How about Chris Conte’s diving pass break-up? Not a word.

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      Conte never gets any love from the press or fans scubog. All he does is make plays.

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    Cam Brate embarrassed himself last night. I invite PR to look at his work in the run game and tell your readers if that’s the play of an NFL starting TE. He’s most likely the least physical football player in the NFL. I’m calling BS on the BS Crew (Back-stabbing Koetter & Licht) for this entire off season. The Brate, Kenny Bell and Aguayo decisions will sink this season. Believing that DTs are a thing of the past will sink this season. The Bucs may give up 200 yards per game rushing this year, 350 versus the panthers. For all of you media types getting your panties wet over Mike Smith, please amidst the fawning and admiration explain to him that if you can’t stop the run, and he can’t, the team can’t win. You know when the BS crew stabbed Lovie and stole his vision, including a rookie QB that neither of these guys wanted, I expected more. Last season, when the Bucs beat the Jags to end a multi year home losing streak, PR called for Lovie to be fired. I ask PR to step up now and do the same with the BS Crew. You already set precedent, it’s never too early.

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    Actually scubog, PR did note that Conte contributed in the pass deflection. In actuality, when you watch the replay, it should have been solely attributed To Conte. McDougald, who I criticized a couple of days ago, also seemed to have a better night.
    The competition for the RB and WR positions seems to be heating up as well as both units seemed to have a much better game than the previous weeks contest.
    Winston might have gotten off to a better start if Koetter would start him with easier throws to get warmed up and in rhythm Deep outs and go routes to start off the evening aren’t the easiest throws to make at the beginning of game. Also, I know Winston is a team leader and likes to give the pregame pep talk but he might think about relinquishing that pep talk to someone else because he looks way to amped up at the beginning of the games.
    Seat26, Spence did play but not until later in the game. Guess here is Smith wanted to see what another player looked like playing with the first team. That’s what preseason is for. Whatever the case, it sure did look like the Bucs D missed the Real McCoy.
    Finally, I haven’t heard anyone else mention it, but did anyone else notice how few penalties the Bucs had called on them last night while the Jags looked like a bunch of head hunting thugs. I hope that Jag CB gets a big fine for that cheap shot he took on Brate and in a preseason game no less. What a cretin. Deep outs

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      PR didn’t mention him in the Most Impressive List. That was my point.

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    It’s preseason, nobody played long enough to have great stats to be most impressive. All you can do is pick the best out of limited playing time for all Bucs players.

    erick325 : dude it’s preseason. Chill. Obviously your a hater of anything post Lovie. lol

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      PR has the same selection process in the regular season too.

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    drdneast: I agree that a lot of coach’s give there young starting QB’s some easy throws, completions to get into the game with. Start off with easy throw’s, build some completions/confidence , just get warmed up a bit. Koetter didn’t seem to do it last year or this year so far. I think that’s exactly what he needs to do for Winston. He always seems to need to get warmed up first.

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    So disagree about ASJ as his blocking was very poor. How about the Rookie Center who played the whole 2nd half this game and also most of the 2nd half in last weeks games? He bigger, and much quicker than Smith or Hawley. Some of our Rookie RB’s looked good and same for some of our Rookie OL. We seem week in WR’s though. I thought Conte played a good game. Banks was average at best; he just doesn’t react fast enough. This slow game starting is still there and needs a lot of work. We just don’t seem fired up on our first offensive plays. Are we stretching enough pre game?

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    excited about Peyton Barber. Solid #3 RB

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