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    I am not worried about Aguayo. Way too early for that. Go Bucs!

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    Better that it is happening now. Maybe he should call his new friend Automatica.

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    This poor kid seems to be going in the wrong direction. Hopefully he can turn it around. The problem with trading up to the 2nd round for a kicker is that he must kick 90% or he will be labeled a bust. I will be the first to say I was against using the pick on a kicker when so many other better players were available but I was also for Mariota over Winston and we all are seeing how that is turning out. Think about how bad it would be if Barth out kicks him this year.

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    Yes I’d rather he do this in pre season, but Having issues and choking in meaningless pre season games is not good sign at all. What happens in a real game when it’s on the line. This was a big gamble and a dumb waste of a draft pick.

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    He’s a mature young man and is handling his adversity well thus far. But missing easy FG’s and extra points cannot be tolerated in the regular season, especially with all the close games in the NFL. IMO he needs to get over whatever it is that is affecting him and find some success on Friday. Because by the time the Buccaneers go to Atlanta for opening day, this needs to be over.

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    Not a good sign, missing a couple of chip shots in the relatively pressure free environment of pre-season games. Now the pressure is really on the kid and given the high level draft pick used to acquire him, the media scrutiny is going to be so much the greater. I really hope he can handle it, because kicker is the one position where ‘growing pains’ will not be tolerated. There is no transition adjustment from college to the pros, like there is for a positional pick, the only adjustment is mental. Can you perform when your livelihood is on the line? Fingers crossed on Aguayo, because we are about to find out.

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    This has me slightly concerned as we all know kickers are the ones that struggle the most when they are affected mentally. I think it’s the pressure but at the same time, he kicked in a ton of big games at FSU. Whatever it is, he needs to figure it out quick and I agree , this can’t be tolerated in the regular season no matter what you gave up to get him.
    Can’t believe this is even the same guy from FSU.

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    He’ll wake up and realize he has to prove it in the NFL. Stop talking to the Press including the International Press and start doing your homework. Go Bucs!

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      Why does it bother you so much when a player responds to a question, talks or heaven forbid, smiles?

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        Scubog, Try one of these options!

        Loading Avatar on Pewterreport.

        First I am on a laptop using Windows 10 with Google Chrome as web browser. Any Windows system or web browser will work the same. I have IPhone6 Plus but have not tried this yet.

        While logged on to PR website, left click on the name Pewtereport in the top left hand corner. Dashboard will drop down. Left click on dashboard and select Profile. Left click on Profile. Scroll down to Profile Picture.

        Option 1 – WordPress Universal (Gravatar)
        This option creates a Gravatar account and once completed will automatically insert your avatar wherever you post if it is a wordpress website (most are) or you can list the websites you visit with Gravatar and it will insert your avatar when you post on those websites.

        Left click on Gravatar it will bring up the WordPress website so you can enroll. It will ask to upload your avatar. It assumes you already have downloaded your avatar to a windows folder. If you haven’t, find a picture anywhere that you like and right click on it. Then left click “save image as” and it will download that JPEG image to a file folder. Change your file name to desired, ie, PR Avatar, then left click save. Remember the file name as it will be used to upload your avatar to Gravatar. When you upload from your windows folder be sure to double left click your file name.

        Once you’ve uploaded your avatar and named your websites, left click save. Then restart your Browser (I always do this to insure changes are made).

        Option 2 – Pewterreport Only
        Scroll down to Avatar. Left click on Choose File. It will bring up Windows folder. Double Left click the file name that is your avatar. If you do not have one, follow the instructions above. Once your avatar is loaded, scroll down to Update Profile. Left click on Update Profile and restart browser.

        I used Option 1. I know it works on the updated website. I have used Option 2 many times before the website update, assumes it still works.

        Good luck, my friend!

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        Scubog; you do know the international press is spending their time and focus on Aguayo when it comes to the NFL? He has spent way too much time in interviews and not enough homework. Yes Kickers have to do film work too. As a Kicker you have to aggressively ask for help because most of the Staff just leaves a Kicker alone to do their thing. I don’t believe the Staff has provided him enough tools to help him transition to the NFL. Other 2nd round picks have more assistance in helping them learn and grow.



          Scubog; I forgot to remind that I am a huge FSU fan and I was very happy we selected him early with our 3rd & 4th round picks. I love his smile; I wish more players would smile. I believe he will be our best Kicker ever.



            Me too my friend.

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    Kicking is a disaster again in 2016? Doh! So many other choices in the second round. The second round!!!!

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