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    Have to be excited about our new Defense. They really got it done. It would appear we are stronger at the DL where we needed it most. And when you have a pass rush, your secondary cannot help but look better. I was saying before this season we might not see any increased wins, but still be improved but after Friday’s game, I wonder. Maybe even 8 wins are possible this year ? Maybe even a playoff berth ? Ok, don’t get exited yet….

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    I was more impressed with the move Gordon put on Grimes oh his first catch than on his TD grab. That was a beautiful move and I don’t know if there is a CB in the NFL who wouldn’t have bit on it.
    Gordon definitely has a height advantage on Grimes and it wouldn’t have hurt to see what the taller and longer armed Banks could have done against him.
    CB play has definitely improved this year and it shows.
    Defense really confused and befuddled RB III. His only two impressive plays were to Gordon. Other than that, he stunk up the place although if you listened to the CBS broadcasters you would have thought you were witnessing the resurrection of Jim Plunkett.
    Was it me or did anyone else think Josh McClown looked more composed and tossed the ball better than RG III

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    Good observations drdneast. While some here chose to be critical of Grimes and risk the wrath of Miko; Josh Gordon deserves some credit. I agree with you about RG III at times looking rattled. He made the one great play to Gordon, but other than that he looked a bit shaky. Since I was at the game I didn’t see the TV broadcast. It doesn’t surprise me that the announcers would gush over him. I thought McCown looked as they often said about DeBerg, “good enough to get you beat”.

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    True Scubog. But RG III is a sure thing to get you beat. Even his coach Hue Jackson said after the game his team couldn’t jut rely on the deep pass to win games.
    That was Bill Walsh who made that comment about DeBerg, who was never really given a chance with a good team until he landed in Kansas City at the very end of his career where he won more games than he lost..
    Watched the game on TV cause I didn’t want to travel up from Sarasota to watch a practice game after watching practice on Tuesday. Also got in 18 holes of golf at the Claw where the greens were in pretty good shape.

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      it always good to have greens with your meal, good ole greens with onions

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    Your right Inspecto. I love turnip greens with ham. Yummy.

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