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    Does anyone believe finding an ex Browns DT 28 years old is going to make any difference? Why not pull DT from some teams PS if we have nobody on our own PS? How about finding another RB?

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      I don’t know @horse…we’ve had such fantastic luck picking up ex-Browns, why not grab another one… 🙂

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    Should play the kid Barber from Auburn at RB, the rookie Smith at safety, the center you mentioned Horse. I assume at some point we’ll see some of these players should the season become a lost cause. Martino was out there, tho I didn’t see him targeted. Maybe Shep should get some Jax snaps too. Sad to say, first week in Oct that’s what we’re staring at. Won’t be long we’ll be talking about who to pick in the top ten of the draft.

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      I think the saddest part for me @surferdudes is that even imagining we picked Jabrill Peppers with a top-10 pick and had the next coming of Ed Reed at Safety…I’m not sure I would expect this team to win more games…I think I would expect our defense to get carved up, and our offense to turn it over too much….I’m not sure how we fix this, but I don’t think adding one top-10 player is going to do it….we need to fix our strategy, our approach, our game planning, what we ask Winston to do on offense, what we ask our 4 DLinemen to do every down….we can’t just ask everybody to try harder or insert Peppers and think Smith’s D is going to switch it on…we need a Jim Harbaugh in here to take us from the sinking Wolverines to the playoff Wolverines…however he’s doing that!

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        @eastendboy I am big fan of Michigan and I was like we need Jim Harbaugh here I feel like he could do wonders but I feel we need patience even tho I was on the fire everyone bus yesterday I still feel like we are going to turn it around

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    This is getting ugly fast. Our lack of depth is coming back to haunt us. Wasted picks on a kicker. Now we are picking up a free agent DT who nobody wants. We need a running back right now. Or we are going to see this season turn into a disaster.

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