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    If Spencer is not there .How about trading down for mult picks. What I see that this yr draft is depth at defensive side of the ball. Iam looking to see what tampa does this yr.I hope that Tampa has atleast 4 to 5 players that can start with no major problems.Go Bucs

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    I hope the Bucs pass on Spence. He dives a lot and seems to whip his feet and legs on those occasions. That could lead to injury. While I’m pretty liberal leaning on recreational drug use, I do think it’s difficult for players that have had a problem with drugs in college to avoid them once they get paid as a professional. Maybe worth a second round pick.

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    NFL mock draft doesn’t have Spence going until the 2nd round. Didn’t specify if this was because of the drug problem or lack of talent.
    I’m not crazy about his weight and size. We have a whole flock of DE’s on this team right now at the same height and weight who aren’t getting the job done.

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    And another SWAG (Scientific Wild A$$ Guess). Just kidding, it’s that time of year. But it does prove that PR’s pick is not an outlier here. PFF, Scout.com (Justin Pawlowski) and several other sites are pegging Spence to the Bucs.


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      Yeah Spence is becoming the popular pick quickly. I can say as long as he interviews fine, I have no problem with the pick. He’s dominated in every place he’s been at. * sacks as a freshman for Ohio state and 11.5 this year I believe.
      On top of that dominating the senior bowl, this dude clearly has talent. I see some don’t like his size, and while that is a factor, it’s how you use that size that counts. I would point to Arron Donald as my example for this. Everyone said he was too short.
      I can’t say anything about his past as it would be hypocritical of me as staunch a Jameis supporter i was pre-draft. If he’d got the skills go get him please. Take a risk, it worked with Jameis so far.

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        For Spence, character is a legitimate issue, but size is not. You mention Aaron Donald, I’m old school and I just have to have the old dudes remember DT John Randle.

        Randle went undrafted and tried out for the Bucs, but was thought to be too small, and was not signed to a contract. The 6’1″ 287-lb defensive linemen was picked up by the Vikings and the rest is HOF history.

        Some old dudes like me have let the NFL pass them by. They have not noticed Vonn Miller, Deone Buchanan, and Tyrann Mathieu – small guys that play big! Think speed and agility, brute strength is left standing there!

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