The Authentic Team Merchandise “It’s Bucs and Bulls Heaven” store in Tampa has a new spokesperson just in time for the holiday season.

Hall of Fame Bucs fan Keith Kunzig, also known as “Big Nasty,” was recently named the official spokesperson for the Authentic Team Merchandise store and Pewter Report.

Kunzig, who has established himself as one of the biggest Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans in the world as a member of the “Pewter Crewe,” considers his relationship with Authentic Team Merchandise and Pewter Report both a great and unique opportunity.

“I thought reaching the NFL Hall of Fame was a huge honor, and it is, but it is even better to represent Authentic Team Merchandise, which is truly Bucs and Bulls Heaven,” said Kunzig. “They have everything you can imagine. I never leave the store without buying something!”

Authentic Team Merchandise and Pewter Report are owned by store president and publisher Jeffrey Neil Fox, who is excited about welcoming aboard “Big Nasty” to his all-star team.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Authentic Team Merchandise to reach out to Buccaneers fans across the state and country,” said Fox. “Kunzig has relationships with other Bucs fan characters, as well as fan mascots from additional NFL teams. He will help us set up fan clubs throughout the United States and the world.”

Kunzig will help spread the word about all of the great gifts and special offers the Authentic Team Merchandise store and have to offer this holiday, gift-giving season.

Fans can choose from the world’s largest selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers merchandise by visiting Authentic Team Merchandise “It’s Bucs and Bulls Heaven,” which is located at 14823 North Florida Avenue in Tampa, Florida. If you can’t make it to the store in person, shop on-line at

Bucs fans can save 30-50 percent on select apparel and novelty items, and remember — Pewter Report subscribers always save 10 percent off all of their purchases inside Authentic Team Merchandise. Call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) with inquiries, orders and/or for directions.

Make the Authentic Team Merchandise “It’s Bucs and Bulls Heaven” and/or your holiday shopping headquarters this holiday season.

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