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    Good article. We haven’t had great luck with free agency hopefully he’s a hit and not another miss. Good to hear his praises of Mike Smith. All great coaches are able to put players in best position to utilize their skills. It’s bad coaching (Lovie) to try to make players adapt and fit a scheme.

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    We have heard this song before from free agents. My advice to all free agents arriving at OBP is to keep quiet until you show us something.

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    It happens every time about this time of year. Remember this? And there’s ole macabee, first one out of the gate with his welcome hoping this could be the one! lol.

    Well this time I’m keeping my dadgum mouth shut until I see the goods. Hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it? Now I remain optimistic – at least the guy is not named Johnson and he could be a breath of fresh Ayers! (I jest).

    Now to be sure, I’m not putting down anyone who thinks Robert Ayers is a good move. It looks good, it may be good and I truly hope it is good. For me personally though, I’m just going to temper my usual effervescent over the top enthusiasm this time around!


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    I’m hoping he comes in and does a good job. At least we didn’t give up the farm to get him. Sounds like he will try hard at the very least, that’s all we can ask for. I am hoping that this years FA bust will be O. Vernon. That way we can all be glad that we missed out on him. Don’t believe he has a lot of experience in the NFL and he has never even started for an entire season. Sometimes that makes a bigger difference than you would think. It is much easier to be that situational pass rusher. Oh well, only time will tell. Go Bucs!! And lets hope the guys will go much better with the improved coaching!

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    Like macabee and makski I am optimistic, doing the “Go Bucs” for Robert Ayers, ” show us what you know “. And since I remember that I;(and others on PR) was hoping we would get him at draft time, I think Coach M. Smith will use him to his ways to do best. IMO, Coach L. Smith would put him in his scheme and that would be it!
    Hopefully, we’ll all be happier w/M.Smith and R. Ayer’s progress. Improved coaching “Yah”!!!!

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    Sacks are one of the most exciting plays in football, and the number of sacks a player gets certainly contributes to his quest for Canton. However, I believe games are far more affected by hurries resulting in throw aways, groundings, and interceptions. Sack numbers enhance an individual players status (in addition to team successes) but solid consistent pressure by the whole defense results in wins.

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    As stated in Scott’s Fab 5 the alarming rate Q.B.’s completed quick slants against us it’s a wonder we could get a sack at all. Now if we make it harder to complete that pass, our line should get an extra second, or two to get a sack. Let’s throw the last two years out. Lovie’s D gave up 70 percent completion rate, last year. It wasn’t cause Q.B.’s always had time to throw, it was more on how they could get quick completions. First game against M.M. was a perfect example. Four T.D. passes from a rookie on the road in his first game? That reminds me, have to renew my Zoloft script!!

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      Funny Surf. Ayers will help but this defense HAS to get better on the back end. That was awful last year. It was like Lovie just lost his mind.

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    Like everyone else, I’m tempering my expectations of our FAs. On the other hand though, I feel a lot of our “busts” were a result of trying to fit players into a scheme that didn’t compliment their skill set. Also, many of them were hand-picked by Lovie.

    Mike Smith sounds like the type of DC that will play to the strengths of the players instead so hopefully our chances of hitting in FA will be higher moving forward.

    Time will tell, but at least we can’t get much worse lol. Looking forward to a much improved defense and a more experienced offense to get us back into contention!

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    jme0151, I hate to say this because I used to support Lovie and his low key nature. But actually it looked like Lovie lost his interest sometimes.

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    I heard Ayers has shoulder problems. But I’m sure he was given a physical by the Bucs doctors. I’m optimistic, and got a feeling that the rumor mill churned out that one. Either way, as long as we get a good couple of years out of him, and give some time for our, hopefully, newly drafted DE’s to mature a little, we’ll be good to go.

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    Sort of off topic, but does anyone know anything about the “other” DE from Florida?? Not J. Bullard, but A. McAllister?? I was just wondering because I don’t watch a lot of college football and this kid’s measureables are off the charts!!! Does he have a bad “motor” or was he just out-shined by Bullard? Did he even play much, was he the other starter, or was he on the bench? Can anyone out there give me some idea of his talent? All I know is that he ran a 4.80 40(top 10), had a 34.5 in. vert(top 10), 10’8″ broad(longest among the DL by 5″), a 7.01 in the 3 cone(top 5), and a 4.00 in the 20 yard shuttle( top time by .21 and a new COMBINE RECORD). I’m not usually a big stat guy at the combine and feel teams move players up too much because of 40 times and silly events, but these numbers are CRAZY good. He is not really talked about at all for the draft, and I was wondering if we pick him with our last pick or as an UFA, if we can coach him up to be a solid player in the future. We do have a very good DL coach.

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    The Gators dismissed defensive end/edge rusher Alex McCalister from the team prior to the Gators’ Citrus Bowl meeting with Michigan for unspecified violation of team rules. McCalister was thought of as the Gators’ best pass-rusher and shared the team lead in sacks with Jonathan Bullard at 6.5 before a foot injury in mid-November. But for the off field stuff, he is almost a carbon copy of DE/OLB Leonard Floyd/UGA who will be taken in the 1st round.

    McCalister was also one of three Gators suspended for Florida’s 2015 opener against New Mexico State for what the school termed a violation of University Athletic Association policy. Kid has a lot of potential, but has red flags among other issues regarding his weight and strength for the next level.

    IMO, McCalister is more likely an OLB on a 3-4 team than an outside DE on a 4-3 team. If drafted late or selected as a UDFA, he would probably be taken as a development player.


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      Thanks macabee, that is exactly what I was looking for. Actually, even more info than I expected.

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