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    We lost the game 14-7 with just the starters playing. We have work to do. Our DL has improved a little, but we sure didn’t have a pass rush in the 1st quarter. Hargreaves was great; Ayers should shut his mouth and play some football; Noah Spence was missing in action, same for J. Smith; Gholston wasn’t very effective; Aquayo was inconsistent; Ryan Smith showed us something. Glennon was so-so; Griffin was plain awful; Bell can’t take the contact; Evan Smith looked like back up; ASJ played good as a WR, but his blocking isn’t to TE worthy; Vitale was a no show so far. I hope the next game we show something in the 1st quater. Go Bucs!

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      Aquayo was inconsistent ? He would probably be cut after the 3rd game if he had been brought in as a free agent. Two draft picks for this guy. He better start looking a lot sharper.

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    Hated the Aguayo pick before. Hate it even more now. What a waste of a pick.

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      I tried to defend at the time and even got excited about Aguayo but now I’m worried about him I’m holding my breath he can get it together its still early

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    Like Winston said. He played worse than Aguayo, starting 0-6. finishing 3-10. TD INT. Chill people, It’s preseason. Aguayo will have to suck to not be on this team for a long time. until than he’s our 2nd rd kicker, like it or not the draft is over. GO BUCS!!!

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    Anybody want to cut the 1st Rd QB because he was below average in the preseason? Just because we picked a kicker in the 2nd rd doesn’t mean he should get less of a chance to prove himself than any other 2nd rd pick.

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    If the kicker was a free agent, we would be saying so what, just cut em. But we gave away a 3rd to move up and pick him in the 2nd round, and now we look thin at receiver and our pass rush seems like a problem without McCoy. I am definitely going to be holding my breath this season when Defense is playing praying McCoy can stay healthy, or when our Kicker goes in with the game on the line. We got two games to clean things up. And in the 4th game starters will be sitting on the bench. Winston needs to show his stuff earlier.

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    Our pass rush was far less effective this week. The secondary stepped up to pick up the slack though which is promising. If we get both going at once, we will be scary on defense!

    Offensively It was a down night across the board. There were some flashes from our new RBs and a couple receivers but it was pretty lack luster. Hopefully with all the starters in there we will perform better.

    As for Aguayo, I feel for the guy. He has a lot of extra pressure on him being a 2nd round selection and it seems to be getting to him. Hoping he gets it under control cuz when he’s on he’s ON.

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