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    I like what I am seeing from the defense – Bansk and Verner for sure….but let’s hold the Champaign corks for a little bit until we do it against Aaron Rodgers and Megatron and Brees coming-up…that will be the real test to see if we have turned a corner, or just played some poor offenses lately.

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    I myself am a believer in Coach Smith. Here I thought just a few weeks ago our priority was RDE, but other DL players have stepped up and it’s not as imortant as the QB and OL is now the top priority. I could see us drafting offense Rounds 1-4.

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    Yup the Defense has improved against RGIII, Cutler, and Dalton. QB Turnover machines against any team. Can they remove Calvin Johnson from the Lions’ game plan? Can they hold Aaron Rodgers to under 300 yards? I’d prefer to judge my favorite team against quality competition. There is after all, a huge difference between making the playoffs, & being a playoff caliber team. We should demand more from our team than just: not to lose.

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    OOOPS, Well, what EastEndBoy said. I hadn’t read the other posts yet. My bad man, I stole your stuff.

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    I am really impressed with Banks as well. Vernor is a solid starting CB on a 2-10 team. I watched Banks in college, he has made some great interceptions…hes faster than his timed speed. Just wish he would get stronger. Banks might make a good slot corner if given the opportunity. Like the play of J. Smith and Lansanah too. Oline is the worst ive ever seen..and thats entirely lovie’s fault. Glennon can play in an offense that isnt a patchwork project put together after training camp..he got great numbers for a young guy too despite all the drama. McCown needs to sit so we can evaluate glennon the last 4 games

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    It too Ronde three years before he became, well…..Ronde. For some reason, our lack of tolerance for Banks’ early development miscues caused some to think he was the second coming of Rod “Toast” Jones. Whether we’re playing a superstar QB or not, the secondary has improved a lot since the bye week. Let’s hope the continuity, familiarity with the system and an infusion of more competition this coming off-season produces a secondary that resembles the one Ronde and # 47 led.

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