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    Not sure what to say. Pretty much expected loss but thought might be close. Oh well. Reality is this team isn’t there yet. Need another draft or two. I still like Koetter and Winston but they both are learning as they go. Pretty pathetic game for us on offense. Defense played better than expected first half.

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    Got straight smacked around in this one. Jameis played like absolute garbage. everyone knows, I’m his staunches defender, but I’ll call him out when it is time and he needs to play MUCH better. His turnovers are inexcusable and we aren’t built with enough talent to overcome those mistakes.
    I would also love to see a running game at some point, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. What happened to the holes we used to see last year? The line, that’s another issue. We knew there would be pressure, especially with Denver, but damn, hit 16 times, is crazy.
    The injuries are also starting to mount up, are we cursed? The defense played lights out to start the game and then the injuries just took their toll. Next week we have the panthers, who might not have Cam. Wouldn’t be the first time Derek Anderson has beaten us though. Show some fucking guts bucs! and Jameis, get your head out of your ass and take care of the football.
    I lok at this team and think damn , we have so many needs, where do we even start?

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      I’m not sure the ’76 Steelers were built to overcome this stuff.

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    Face it. The Buccaneers STINK! They beat themselves because they STINK and other teams beat them because they STINK! they are getting worse every week and have blown every opportunity to compete in what is now a winnable division because, you guessed it, they STINK!

    They STINK healthy and hurt, day or night, week after week after week, and the REALLY STINK at home where it matters most.

    Yeah, I’m ranting because that’s what rooting for a team that STINKS does to me.

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      That’s pretty much how I was going to start my post, only I was going to replace “stink” with “suck”.

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    Things will improve during the 2nd half of the season Garv:)

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      Based on what, our schedule? I see few teams left on our schedule that are playing worse than we are and the history of these players suggests we’ll incur more nagging or critical injuries by then.

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    Yes we got out coached, out played from the get go. Disappointed coaches try to pretend Sims and Rogers are the next men up to replace Martin and that’s not working. We should have given Winston more easier targets at the beginning of the game; what happen to our slant passing. Wnston was the Winston I saw at the beginning of last year and he has to not try to do everything; some times you just have to run or throw it away. Defense looks slow and the Safety’s and CB’s forgot how to tackle. Some players are just underperforming; Daryl. Smith,Donovan Smith, Dotson, Grimes, Conte, McDogual,all the DE’s. I’ve given up on Coack Mike Smith, but Koetter still gets another year for me to clean up this mess. All these injuries has caused much of the problems on offense, but on defense I’m convinced it’s Mike Smith. Our GM failure in not doing enough prior to Training Camp sticks out like a sore thumb; his inexperience has caused some of the problem and that’s why I’m giving him another year. I listen to Buccaneer.Com during Training Camp when they had interviews with the Scouts and did the alarm bells go off for me; I don’t believe we have enough Scouts who have been in the Pro’s and understand what it takes to be an NFL Player. Go Bucs! I hope we get better quickly.

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    Remember when we used to defeat defending Super Bowl champions? Christ I’m getting old.

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    They stunk it up pretty good. Winston was garbage. Great defense but he was still garbage.
    I’m over Sims. He is about worthless. Can we please get another RB off practice team or something? God he sucks. Dancing around side to side like a jackass and responsible for 3 fumbles in 2 weeks. Reminds me of Pittman. Lots movement but little gains. Lol. This team really sucks still. Oh well. My favorite saying as a Bucs fan….always next year. This year is over. Blame it on injuries,lack talent, lack depth,Licht being a retard with the kicker thing, coaching, qb, etc. who really knows but they still suck bad. Maybe a combo of all those things.

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      Sims spends too much time dancing like he has a bee in his pants. It might work in the open field but not deep in the backfield. Just go!

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    Not much positive out of this. As bad as our defense is, I think this next draft has to be heavy with OL/WRs because we can’t protect and our weapons don’t separate. Defensively, at least we got a pass rush. But our secondary is awful. Just awful. I don’t care if the next safety we get off the street is terrible….he has to be better than Conte right? And I miss the days when what people were worried about with Grimes was his wife.

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    Horse, I gave smith benefit of doubt but now I’m starting to think it’s at least partly him. I mean why are guy constantly wide open? Like a stupid zone defense and nobody picks anyone up. The middle of field is always open. Always! Doesn’t matter if it’s Lovie or Smith. Who is responsible for middle of field? Why are guys constantly not covered on intermediate routes? So frustrating. I knew we needed an upgrade at safety but the open receivers over and over is just so stupid. Doesn’t seem to matter who coach is either. The D line played very hard first half. Got gassed in second.
    Love winstons fire but the guy is regressing bad.

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      For once I agree with every one of your comments my friend.

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    Done with McCoy too. Yes he is a very good DT when he’s healthy. Can’t stay healthy though. What has he had 1 frigging year where he stayed helalty all season? Just don’t get it. Sapp played hard and Missed very few games. What a frustrating year this is. Not much better than last year.

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    Well, a quarter of the season is over so I’ll give more in depth feedback with what I’ve seen so far and do it again every quarter of the season. Besides Hargreaves, Spence and Aguayo we’ve seen these players play for the Bucs or other teams enough times where it doesn’t make sense to me to give a full breakdown after every game. We know who they are and what they can and can’t do.
    Garv summed it up better than anybody, see his post above. Winston turns the ball over too much and is entirely too inaccurate when he has time to throw, which is more often than the O-line is given credit for (playing the Super Bowl champs not withstanding). Donovan Smith has got to be the worst pass blocking LT in the NFL. Marpet and Dotson are inconsistent. Vincent Jackson is officially over the hill and can’t be relied upon. Sims is strictly a 3rd down RB. Dougie is too injury prone. Humphries has never impressed me except on screens and I think that’s more of a testament to the O-line, TE’s and WR’s who do block very, very well on screens.
    On defense Ayers never played full seasons unless he was just in a rotational role like he was with the Giants. It looked like that’s how we were going to use him as well with all the DE’s we kept on our original 53 man roster but Ayers still got hurt early. I think C. McDonald is playing very well and the defense as a whole is stopping the run well (the end of the Denver game not withstanding but everyone packed it in by then). McCoy is McCoy…best player on the team when healthy but he’s rarely healthy and now he’s hurt again. L. David and K. Alexander are a little too inconsistent for my taste. As for the secondary, I do think Hargreaves will develop into a fine nickel CB so long as we keep him on the inside. Verner can cover but he has been absolutely incapable of creating turnovers since he came to Tampa which is what this defense needs. Conte and McDougald are completely useless (one of many things I said in my posts after the opening weekend of training camp that have come to fruition). Last but not least is Grimes, who is another player that is over the hill. He is a gambler which paid off sometimes in past seasons and even in training camp, but not a single one of his gambles has paid off this season. If he were to stop gambling though he would just get beat every play instead of most plays. This is simply a blown FA acquisition. We should have picked him up when he was a FA from the Falcons when he still had juice in the tank.
    I was telling one of my buddies during the game if I had to start over and build a team with the intention of winning the Super Bowl (what else matters) and could only use current Bucs players the only player I would keep is Evans. Everyone else is either too injury prone, too inconsistent or just plain sucks. Evans just barely made the list recently because so far this year he has been catching the ball well enough to make him part of a team capable of winning the Super Bowl.

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      BTW, everything I said above is a direct reflection of Licht’s handiwork.

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      Oh and one last thing. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m never going to let this go simply because if I was I would think I would have by now, but we should have never, ever gotten rid of Aqib Talib. I’ve never been as livid with the Bucs as I was the moment I read that we had traded him for a 4th round pick.

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    I sure hope the plan is to let the Ryan Smith start after the bye week bc the safety play is awful. I hope somebody wakes up and puts Peyton Barber on the 53 bc from what I saw in the preseason this is the only guy not named Doug that can handle running between the tackles and getting the tough yards this offense needs. But as usual Licht is busy hoping he can drown another suit as opposed to improving the roster. Vincent is trash I have said it all offseason and will continue to do so. Not going to bash the defense anymore bc they are who I thought they were. As for Jameis his problem is two fold. One is that he doesn’t have a reliable running game and two he usually has no defense. The result is a gunslinger that HAS to chances bc there is no other way we can win games. I don’t think Mike Smith is the problem bc at the end of the day these guys have failed in man based and zone based schemes. The parts are broken as well as the clown assembling them. I wait for the week that the fire Licht articles start to come hopefully they quote a few of my posts. We have a snowballs chance in hell against the Panthers who will do whatever they want against us. Derek Anderson or Cam it won’t matter bc it hasnt mattered in the past. The 49ers should be a winnable game but somehow I have a feeling our 2nd round kicker isn’t done pissing ppl off and will lose another winnable game. I can’t wait to see Sweezy play so I can officially say the entire FA class was a bust. Ayers a rotational player turned every down DE now hurt, Grimes is absolutely garbage, Darryl Smith is better off coaching LB not playing it, Conte still trash even in the new scheme, and JR “The Back” Sweezy smh. Hard to improve when those are the guys you spend money on. Is it time for the draft yet?

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    Wow. Reading so many posts from pissed off fans like myself, talking with a man walking his dog this morning with a Bucs polo on, listening on the radio…. fans are ANGRY and SICK and TIRED of the same old CRAP year after year. I WANT to believe but having been sucked in so many times only to be let down it’s hard.

    Been a fan for a long time and I’m always going to be one but that seems to be a curse these days instead of proud statement it used to be.

    And why, WHY do they ALWAYS SUCK AT HOME? Damn, looking it up….. 12-30 THIRTY LOSES since starting the 2011 season.

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      Garv, I feel for you. Hang in there. You are a true fan.

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        Thanks but there are a lot of us who are being let down week after week. And everyone but the trolls are sick of it. And we will keep coming back, it’s in our blood at this point. LOL

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    Surprised at the backlash at this loss, as it was expected (but perhaps not expected to be so bad). I see a common theme that we can’t beat really good defenses (ARZ, DEN), but we look decent against others. I fully expect the Bucs to be more competitive – and for Jameis to look better – now that those two stellar defenses are behind them. It’s just unfortunate that 2 of our first 4 games were against def where the Bucs were just outclassed.

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      Well we’ll soon see. The Panthers gave up 48 points to the Falcons and although their offense might be directly responsible for many of them we did beat the Falcons on the road. Shouldn’t fans expect to be competitive against the 1-3 Panthers on the road too?

      I hope to hell nmkinley is right but seeing what I’ve seen so far? PROVE IT!

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