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    Red board says thats not possible. WTF does Briggs know?

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    Briggs is saying a lot of good things about The Bucs. He has said that he has probably played his last down in Chicago. Maybe at 34 (just turned 34 on Nov. 12), he’s got one left in the tank and he has a lot of admiration for Lovie. Peppers will be 35 in January and is having one of his best seasons at Green Bay. You Never know, politically Briggs sounds like he’s leaving his options open! He sure as heck knows the defense!

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    Hmmmmmmmmm. Doesn’t Briggs know that the Tampa 2 defense expiration date was back in 2012 and it is now as obsolete as an 8-track? Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

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    I agree with Briggs. The only surprise for me with reading this is that he named the safety as the final position that you need in this offense where I would have replaced that one with MLB. I’m especially surprised to read that given Urlacher’s presence in Chicago’s Tampa 2. I would have loved to hear Briggs elaborate on that. I guess it goes back to what Lovie said about the defense when he got here when he was asked whether Foster would fit in it. I remember him saying something like the MLB position isn’t that hard to play in his Tampa 2 since the safeties give him help over the top. I guess that’s why having an instinctive, ball hawking safety is more important in this defense than a 6’3″ coverage safety like Urlacher was. I guess that also explains why Barron has been traded away.

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