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    I didn’t feel it afterall! Now that we are back to realit,y maybe we can first achieve winning 6-8 games before we think of ourselves as playoff contenders. I know Winston will be blamed for too much for the loss and that would be wrong. Pass protection wasn’t good and he was forced over and over out of the pocket. Looks like on Offense we need another OL and a WR. Defense was terrible. They were smart enough to eliminate David and Alexander by staying away from them. Grimes, D. Smith, and no pass rush was the problem. Looks like we still are in need of pass rushers, a Safety, and a bigger Corner. Meanwhile we have a good chance in beating the Rams at home. Go Bucs!

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    Can’t get too high with wins, too low with losses. TB area radio talk shows were celebrating too soon on this team after the Falcons’ win. Team got a wake up call early in the season. Hopefully they’ll learn from it. Hopefully also that the 3-4 players unable to finish the game due to injury will be back soon.

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    I am still optimistic. This is one game against a very good team. We got our clocks cleaned. But losing Ayres and Martin is scary. Winston clearly had a bad game. I am guessing every team that we play this year will be studying this game. You can bet they will come after Winston after this. They might think they can rattle him.

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    Pretty much the polar opposite of what happened last week. They didn’t play well on offense, defense or special teams. I didn’t break down how well every player did last week because I thought it would be to much to read as a post. By the same logic I’m not going to break down what every player did wrong this week. I expected the score to be closer than what it was but I didn’t expect the Bucs to win this week. I’ll be there for the home opener next week and hopefully the Bucs can get things turned around. After two weeks I guess it’s not as useful for me to say whether I thought the team was going to win after the fact, so based on what I know now about the Bucs injuries and our history against J. Fisher and their pass rush I don’t think we’re going to win next week either.

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    A ton of issues in this game. I think loss of Ayers showed up after he left as Mccoy was doubled rest of game and rest of dline was less than great. I thought 2 worst players on D were Kwon and Conte. And I thought our receivers were crap.

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    No pressure on the QB is killing this defense. I may not be right but when I watch the replay I will know better but it looked like on that 3rd and 10 the Cards converted in the second quarter McCoy took the play off.
    At least the CB’s were closer to the receivers this year when they are getting burned.

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    Can’t turn the ball over three times in the first half an expect good things to come from it. Was it just me or did it look like Vincent Jackson was running with cement shoes.

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      Jackson doesn’t look right to me either Dr.D. He looks disinterested. Doesn’t get separation. Runs a wrong route. Makes a nice catch then drops it.

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    expected before the bye. The Bucs are average. In our division we should get second place and would need luck to get a playoff spot.

    What today showed is that Licht made a major mistake overpaying Doug Martin. No one else would have given him that kind of contract. Running backs are not premium position anymore. Sink your money into OL and Defensive Front 7.

    Although I like Vincent Jackson he is not worth his salary. Humphries looks to be a bargain.

    In the past when the Bucs took a a$$ kicking like they did today, there would be no bright spots. Today, there were plays where you can at least have some optimism.

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    I went to the game Sunday. I was really surprised how many Buc fans made it to the game. The Cardinals have the Super Bowl win or Bust mentality and we still made a great showing. Good job Arizona/Florida Buc fans. I thought the game was actually closer than the score. It seemed to me we moved the ball pretty easily against them. The turnovers were the disaster. And we could not get any QB pressure. Give Palmer time and with all his weapons, and he will make plays.

    The Cardinals have this annoying “Red Sea Rise Up” noise making thing they do on 3rd down. I am sure a lot of the sound is pumped in. I like Raymond James Stadium better, except the fans in Glendale were pretty excited and the crowd had more energy than in Tampa. Mostly cause Tampa has been so bad the last few years and the Cardinals so good. The Tampa bandwagon doesn’t need a lot to get going.

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