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    I wonder, with Bridgewater going down with a serious injury; is Glennon still a trade target?

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    I understand Kenny Bell has been a likeable guy…and that’s good…but it sure sounds like a lot of excuses from him about dropping the ball – DB made a great play, I got hit hard, the ball was wet, I was caught off guard gazing at the hottie in the crowd…just catch the ball. As my high school coach used to say “excuses are for losers, winners have no need for excuses”.

    …one way to be a winner would indeed be to catch 6 out of 8 passes thrown your way tomorrow night…let’s see if you can do it.

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    How very true EastEndBoy. Perhaps if Bell tried soaking his hands in a big tub of hand cream they might soften up and you wouldn’t hear that horrible “CLANG” noise when it bounces off his hands.
    Whether it’s his hands or his nerves from having to mix it up with the big boys, only Bell could tell you for sure but I find it odd he shines in underwear football but when the pads go on his play diminishes.
    He has one more chance to change peoples minds, I for one hope he does so.

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    “E” why would the Vikings want Glennon . They have a very capable backup in Shaun Hill who is 16-18 as a starter which is a much better winning percentage than Glennon’s.

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    6’5 220lb Joe Hill could come in and contribute and be an upgrade over what the bucs have now after Evans & Jackson… AFL Offensive Player of the Year (2016)

    Career Arena statistics
    Receptions: 436
    Receiving yards: 5,510
    Touchdowns: 136


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