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    Ummm, this may sound ridiculous, but if we don’t come to terms, why not use the franchise tag? Doug would be paid well, and have to prove that he can perform in consecutive years. Who else would we franchise? Just wondering.

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    Can’t franchise a player on his rookie deal that you decline the 5th year option on which the Bucs did.

    So no tag for Doug

    1. 2.1


      Hadn’t heard that before. Is that a fact?

    2. 2.2


      Sorry ryan24,
      But you will not find that little gem in any NFL rules book. In fact, the tag is the fallback plan if such a player has a bounce back year. Didn’t happen, but was the plan for the Redskins when they did not pick up the fifth year option for RGIII. Even though it is an option, the Bucs have said that they do not intend to use it!

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    I can understand the concern about injuries, but it didn’t seem to matter when McCoy was signed for a new huge contract. The question here is what is the value for a RB who can run and catch in Licht’s Budget. I have no clue what Martin is worth and I don’t believe any of us fans know either. My guess is 4 year contract, 10 million guaranteed, 4 million per year.

    1. 3.1


      Contract market valuation by Spotrac for Doug Martin. Done pretty much like comps for real estate. Doesn’t mean Bucs will pay, but says this is fair market value.


      1. 3.1.1


        Thanks for the info – much appreciated. That summary number looks fair, I’d like to see Martin stay for that.

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    I can’t imagine him being worth all the hype that people are talking. His success is a direct reflection of the ability of the O-line. We need someone with break-away speed that has a next gear they can hit to pull away. Can’t count how many times he was in the clear and it was just a matter of time before he got caught from behind, and with our trouble in the red zone, we need to put those break aways into points. Not saying he’s not a good player.. but we’re just missing the speed needed to finish the job.

    1. 4.1


      No doubt. We all watched him get caught from behind on numerous occasions. But I’ll take that over runs of less than 5 yards all day long. Just because you’re fast doesn’t mean you have good vision, good agility, and good ability to plant and cut. Of course we’d all like a guy with all the skills Martin has PLUS having 4.2 forty yard dash speed. But who is that guy? Do you know who it is? We have Martin. Who was the Bucs RB that was the Olympic printer? I don’t even remember his name. He was fast. Where is he now? Martin is a great RB to keep on this team until someone comes along that displays his great attributes plus significantly faster speed. Maybe that guys will materialize. Who knows.

      1. 4.1.1


        Twisted: Agreed. The point I was trying to make was more in reference to the fact that they are negotiating his extension. I totally agree that we should keep him, but I don’t think that we should break the bank over him, because I don’t think he is the franchise player that his stats maybe make him out to be.

    2. 4.2


      Love the Name Noles 2. AS Noles fan myself I allow myself to dream a bit. We do need to sign Doug to a 3 year deal with an option for the 4th. I do agree that he is always getting caught from behind it seems , but damn there was countless plays he made after getting hit 3 or 4 yards in the backfield. Sign him to a 3 year deal and draft our boy Cook , next off season. That guy is just explosive. I know I”m a nole so I’m biased a bit.
      I told my brother the other day if we got jameis, Ramsey , and Cook in three straight drafts. Guarantee the playoffs. haha.

  5. 5


    Noles: You mush have also seen him breaking tackles allowing him to get into the open field. I think there was some statistic that had Martin gaining he most yards AFTER contact. I guess I shouldn’t mention PR’s former stance on # 22 vs # 43.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t fall prey to the Curse of the Scubog Game Jersey making my # 22 jersey obsolete.

  6. 6


    Ha Ha, “the Curse of the Scubog Game Jersey making #22 (Martin’s) jersey obsolete”. I’d say, taking macabee’s Spotrac market value chart Martins here till he’s 30. So (I Hope) your good and your “Curse” will wait awhile to take effect.

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    That’s funny, no brake away speed. I guess he crawled his way to 1400 yards. Martin will be a Buc. We want him, he wants to be here, we have plenty of cap space. The contract will be fair for both sides. Is it worth moving away from a place you love, have roots, no state income tax, for a million, or so more? Doubt Martin thinks so. Guys a solid dude, good back, good team mate. We need that.

    1. 7.1


      Agreed. Valuable piece of our offense. Good character guy also.

  8. 8


    Give the hamster a nut.

    1. 8.1
  9. 9


    do not, I repeat, do not give martin a contract. just because I said that they probably will. he is not the back that people think he is. in short, you get the same thing or more with the backups we have. I believe that Sims is a better back then him. don’t do it.

    1. 9.1


      What team have you been watching? There isn’t a back on this team that brings what Martin brings to the table. Chuck Sims is good in his current role but no way do I wanna see him as THE guy. Dude dances to much and sometimes you have to take the 3 yds given to ya. Doug will get paid….and he’ll get paid here. End of story!!

  10. 10

    BucFan circa76

    Martin did great the first year and last year of his rookie contract and was injured/forgettable the 2nd and 3rd years. So its simple, sign him to a 2 year contract. 🙂
    Last season’s big $$ free agent RB’s were busts for their new team (see Philadelphia, Buffalo) so perhaps the market price will come down some for Martin and the Bucs. I do think Martin is a good guy, and when healthy a key to our offense. I doubt and hope that Licht doesn’t overpay just because we have cap room this season.

    1. 10.1


      do you really think Doug would take a 2 yr deal?

  11. 11


    6 mil per year. Dougernaut would’ve had just over 5 mil if they optioned his 5th year. Fair market value is at 24m/4yrs. Maybe a hometown discount since there isn’t state income tax pushes it down to 5m/yr with a 2 mil signing bonus.

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  12. 12


    The Bucs have over 40 million in spare cap money right now. I don’t think they are having to worry about overpaying someone to the point it is going to hurt their cap space.
    Even if the Bucs keep Vjax at his current salary, it will be gone the next year freeing up another addition $12 million.
    Macabee, good add as usual. I’m thinking $6.5 million with maybe a $2 million signing bonus for this year since we have a gob of cap space available.

    1. 12.1


      Spoken liker a government employee. You don’t spend money to be spending it; you spend just below thr real value as much as possible. Not one of our overspent players in the decades past have been worth. By being thrifty, you have the opportunity to still be in the future market for quality free agents.

  13. 13


    Licht is smart. I think the contract ends up something like 3 years with an option for the 4th year. 18 to 20 million total with most of it being front loaded, so that we can cut our losses after year 2 if we need it.

    1. 13.1


      No RB with Martin’s leverage is signing a 3 yr deal.

  14. 14


    if they keep him it will be a mistake. he is an average back ( he’s always been)on the downside of his career. plus most of his runs came against lower level defensives. Charles Sims is faster,can catch better and sees the field better. there is a reason we couldn’t trade him early this year. CHARLES SIMS “OVER” doug martin. Please for the future of the bucs.

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