The Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Cincinnati Bengals preseason contest, which was originally scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night, has been postponed indefinitely due to Hurricane Charley.

That news came in a press release/statement issued by the Tampa Sports Authority on Friday afternoon.

“The deployment of law enforcement, emergency services, and fire safety personnel to protect the residents of the Bay Area is of prime importance during this severe weather threat to our community,” the release said. “Those personnel will be actively serving the needs of the public and unavailable for a full deployment for a football game.

“Concern for the safety and protection of the area residents has caused this indefinite postponement. The decision, made in conjunction with the Hillsborough County E.O.C., will be revisited Saturday after officials representing all agencies access the damage and the needs throughout the county.”

The Bucs and Bengals are currently stationed in Orlando and are awaiting word from the Tampa Sports Authority on a possible makeup date for the preseason game. That announcement is expected to come sometime Saturday.

Hurricane Charley has been upgraded to a category four hurricane (winds 131-155 mph) and is scheduled to hit the Bay area late in the afternoon or in the evening on Friday.

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