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    C’mon Zach! You messin’ wit my head now man. An hour ago, I read an article from you that said “Koetter Confident In Spencer As Bucs Fifth WR”. You moving too fast for da kid! Lol.

    Just kidding fellas! As they say in the bottle water business “things are quite fluid now”. Hang on folks, they’re not done yet!

    Just hope we got better. Go Bucs!

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    Yeah it’s a tough time of year for folks like Spencer. My heart goes out to him.

    Zach: a minor correction: If Spencer was cut, he is not currently our Nr. 5 receiver. He is currently not on the roster.

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    This happens every year. If you are not a starter your position is always a bit risky. It will continue for the first few weeks of the Season. We will see players come and go and the practice squad will change as well.

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    Spencer is big question mark and I understand this move for sure. After Evans and Jackson it gets pretty sketchy for Bics WR’s. I’m not even sold Humphries is solid 3rd. …..

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    Hope Spencer clears waivers and finds his way back onto the practice squad. Waive the guy we signed from the Ravens.

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    Buc’s. Stupid auto complete on phone!

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    Wonder here is if they will now feel like bringing Dontea Dye back, let along Spencer. Defiinitely feel like we upgraded the WR position with the addition of Cecil Shorts which is a good thing team wise.
    At the same time I hate to see a guy being told he made the team a few days later he is out on the streets but that is the way of life for lower tier NFL players. Happens league wise.

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      Hi! drd,

      Quick note on Dontea Dye.
      You’re right, he could come back to the Bucs, but he accepted an injury settlement. By NFL rule he cannot come back until after game 6.

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    The Buccaneers worked out a handful of players today, including veteran RB Jacquizz Rodgers, RB Blake Sims (former Bama QB), and RB Antone Smith. The Bucs also looked at former Bengals LB P.J. Dawson as well as WRs DeAndrew White and Mekale McKay.

    The Bucs are looking for RB/KR help folks. RB/KR Dexter McCluster from Largo via the Chiefs and Titans is out there somewhere waiting for a call. Stay tuned people, they’re not done yet!

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    So glad to see Alfred E. Newman representing macabee back in the comments section. You’re right mac. All NFL team’s rosters are in a state of flux. Jaquizz Rodgers and Dexter McCluster would certainly be a change in style for our RB group.

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    As far as RBs go Martin and Sims looked fantastic all pre season. If one of them goes down I have no faith Mike James can do much really so glad they are looking at other options. Was surprised none of other RBs we had were good enough to beat him out since he is pretty lackluster. He does have experience on his side though I guess.

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    I am kinda surprised we aren’t looking for O-Line help. There have been a couple of decent O-line released recently. They don’t stay FA’s for long though. Josh Sitton or Jari Evans are 2 guards I would have liked to see the Bucs at least try out.

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    Thanks for the update, info and intel macabee. As M &M said, or was it Dr. Dre, “Guess Who’s Back.” Good to hear from you again, you have been missed.

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