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    Oh boy, a whole new coaching staff. Why do we folks in the media and fans like this turnover every other year?

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      Because you had a head coach that ( after losing his hand picked Offensive Coordinator due to ? Conflict?) kept an totally incapable college Qb coach as his offensive coordinator his hole first year and repeated numerous times he didn’t think it was necessary to bring in an experienced OC , not even in an advisory role!!! Was that a prudent decision for the players, the fans, the ownership ; Seriously, not a chance this happens with any coach in the NFL but ole Lovie .Trust me at that pointe the Glazers were aware change was needed.The second year was a repeat of the same stubborness and inability to coach to the strengths of his team!!! I think the Glazers are smart enough to see a trend that isn’t helping their company and the fans. I gotta say if Schiano didn’t embarass them league wide with some of his ridiculous end of game ASS ctoons he would still be here !! I assure you Schiano won’t ever pull those repeated stunts again if ever given another chance in the NFL !!! That’s Why !! BTW The Glazers are on the hook for 15 mil due to these two ass clowns and I’m sure there was plenty of incentive not to let Lovie go . That and the rest of the leagues interest in Lovie ( none) ought to tell you something . That’s Why !!!

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        Arizonajoe….you must not have watched any games this past season cause like 76Buc said….they sucked as coaches!!

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      Because the previous guys sucked.

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      oh boy, lovies kids did such a great job with the secondary, didnt they?

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    That’s a lot of coaches. The sooner these guys can speak as one, the better our team can become following their guidance. What is the difference between Jon Hoke “Secondary” and Brett Maxie “Defensive Backs”?

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    I think it’s a nice way of saying he’s Hokes assistant.

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