During this week's edition of The Jeff Faine Show heard on 1010 CBS Sports Radio, center Jeff Faine discussed some new adjustments that the offense is undergoing throughout the season. Tampa Bay's 28th ranked offense is making small changes from week to week, and continues to add bits and pieces from last season's playbook into this year's scheme.

"We still have zone [blocking] in," Faine said. "We're definitely starting to mix it up a little bit with some of the things that we did last year. Our guys like to get a little more power game going. We are definitely implementing our new plays each week and trying to grow the offense. It's something we do regardless of what the coordinator's situation was or is. It's just something that as you grow, as you go through the season, and as you're scouting other teams, you have to put in certain things here and there, and kind of tweak the offense a little bit to make it fit and be more successful."

Through the first half of the season, the Buccaneers have averaged 273.1 yards per game on offense, with an average of 95.9 rushing yards and 177.3 passing yards per game.

"It's something that's a work in progress," said Faine. "It's obviously not what we expected as we're going through the season this year, but we're trying to do the best we can. It's coming along and we're taking steps forward, so it was good to see us move the ball a little last week."

To help boost offensive production, it all starts up front with the offensive line's play. Faine, 28, and the rest of the line are playing both zone and man schemes depending on what each week's game plan calls for.

"We like the zone [blocking scheme]," said Faine. "We had the zone in last year and it's something that I think regardless of what kind of running attack you have all across the NFL, you have to have a little bit of both. It's just what you've decided to major in, and we are kind of going back to focusing on more of the man gap schemes and letting the zone be complimentary to that. It's just something that has to be a part of our game plan."

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