The Buccaneers and agent Jeffrey Chilcoat have had preliminary discussions regarding the possibility of signing tackle Anthony Davis to a long-term contract.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Bucs general manager Bruce Allen attempted to sign Davis to a long-term contract last year, but Davis elected to pass on the deal and accepted a one-year contract instead.

Davis, who started all 16 games at left tackle for the Bucs last season, is scheduled to become an exclusive rights free agent on Friday, and the Bucs will likely tender him a one-year deal. However, Tampa Bay and Davis could still come to terms on a long-term extension later in the offseason.

But before negotiations between Tampa Bay and Chilcoat move past the preliminary stages, the Bucs must first create as much as $19 million in salary cap room by Friday in order to be in compliance with the NFL-mandated salary cap.

“It’s something we’ve discussed and something we’d both like to see happen, but we’re nowhere near anything at this point,” said Chilcoat. “I think both sides are interested in waiting it out to see what happens with the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). That would allow the Bucs to kind of catch their breath from a salary cap standpoint. Anything we do with Anthony in terms of an extension would hurt the Bucs’ cap, and right now they have to get themselves under the cap.”

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