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    Not to be negative here, but all I remember during training camp was Johnson couldn’t play because of an injury. So when has he been health since he has been a Bucy?

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    I do remember being pissed that the NFL didn’t suspend Hardy before the Bucs game, it seemed arbitrary and unfair. Without Hardy, the Bucs might have pulled off a win.

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    The Bucs problem is there is no “next man up” fro DE’s. With one starter on injured reserve and the other injured so that he is ineffective, the cupboard is dry and players off the streets don’t know the defense.

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    Umm…he played in 15 games last season and had 3.5 sacks so please tell me more about his decreased production.

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    Michael Bennett was best DE bucs have had in years. So what do they do? Let him go to Seattle two years ago for 5 million one year deal. They didn’t think he was worth it. Paid Michael Johnson $$$ and have got zilch so far. Between this and other first and second round bust DE’s lately (Bowers, Claiborne)it’s no wonder we are in the situation we are in. Some dumb moves.

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    Actual injury or just more excuses from an over-rated and over-paid player?

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