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    Congrats to my Bucs! This feels great. Win as many as you can and we’ll let the chips fall where they may come draft time. Go Bucs!

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    Absolutely fantastic! Pewter Report you were correct about McCown and I am so glad I was wrong! I’ve been seeing improvement here and there, but we couldn’t get it together until today. Go Bucs!

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    Very nice to recall what winning feels like – I managed to take this one in in-person, so a little extra satisfying for me. Evans was excellent, the pass rush finally showed up, and most impressive to me was the OLine holding up against a decent DLine. Washington is awful though – let’s not let this one go to our heads…if RGIII could hit wide open WRs and their kicker could hit field goals, we would have been in OT. Still, great that we took it to them in their own stadium and did well in the cold. Go Bucs!

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    It will be a good week in Tampa. Great win for Bucs. Though we are only 2-8 we can anticipate less gloom and doom and more optimism.we should have a fighting chance in Chicago . Great game Mike Evans!. Go Bucs….

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    In the words of that old cologne commercial, “Thanks, I needed that.”

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    I’m stationed up here in ‘skins country and this win will make it a whole lot easier to walk into the office this morning!!! That and those bets I made, thanks TBay!

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    Enjoy the win, will it be the last one, or is it 1996 all over again? Did it cost us a shot at a blue chip player come April? I hope we win out. I hope Arroyo is called a boy genius by season’s end. The rest of the way just got interesting. By the way, how does a defense with the best D end in college football, Gregory, Nebraska, get blown out so bad?

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    Nice win and congratulations to the Bucs. As a long time fan I needed that. I can only imagine how much the coaches and players needed it too. Go Bucs!

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    I thought they would start to gel soon. Nice. I don’t expect a lot of wins the remainder of the season, but it is nice to get one.

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