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    Thank goodness! Well deserved compensation given McCoy’s skillset, production and leadership. ZS, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “As the league’s highest paid defensive lineman, it’s time for the two-time Pro Bowler to lead his team to victories.” You yourself gave the data from PFF in terms of his performance. What else do you expect him to do to contribute to victories, play both ways and register as the highest ranking QB on PFF? I don’t hear anyone complaining about how Watt’s performance hasn’t led to many victories last season or this season given his compensation. Let McCoy have his day and let’s embrace our leader on defense. Go Bucs!

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    This is great news, McCoy is the key to making the defense work – pretty much any defense work. Glad he got his money and glad the Bucs paid to keep him.

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      Now they need to stop talking about a VJax trade

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    pinkstob; while I agree with you, nobodys complaining about Watt coz hes a highlight machine. Weve got the best DT in football, who doesnt get the numbers but is ALWAYS there, on a shitty team. Its that simple.

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      Here we go, a long off season with all the talking heads repeating “This squad is primed for a playoff run” so sick of it, all we do is anticipate the start of football season then 4 or 5 games in to it our season is over I hate to say this but I am real close to giving up on my squad The bucs are the reason I got into football I like no other team so I guess its back to Baseball full time

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    This is, IMO, the best news I’ve heard all season. CLEARLY Gerald McCoy is a player the Buccaneers had to sign. They did and I’m very happy to hear it. Some posters may feel differently but McCoy is one of the top two DT’s in the NFL and a face of the Buccaneers.
    Congratulations Gerald McCoy! Now go out an celebrate tomorrow with one HELL of a game!

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    Good move. Glad he will be around. Now get couple DE that can play and we might have a decent D line.

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    Well deserved, Gerald! I couldn’t bear to think where the Buc’s would be if you refused to ink a long term contract with the Bucs. You can raise the performance of all around you the way Tebo electrified the Broncos. Start the turnaround for the Buc’s Defense tomorrow. Licht you did well on this deal.

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    This further demonstrates Gerald’s commitment to the team. He could have waited to become a free agent to experience something called “winning” and perhaps command even more money. Likewise, the Glazer family showed their commitment after being burned by the likes of Michael Clayton and others who didn’t earn their reward. Congratulations to all!

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    Congrats Gerald! And good move Bucs! Go out today and show us what we just bought for the next 7 years. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a HOF journey. Good luck, Geraldini!

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    I am happy for McCoy, because he is certainly one of our better players even if he is not really having a good year. I fear that at the half way point in the season almost, we are looking like we might pick in the top 2 or 3 picks next year. This team has to do better in the draft if we are ever going to compete.

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    Seat, did you not read the U entire article what addresses where he is ranked THIS YEAR by PFF and the NFL as an over-all tackle…despite missing almost two full games and having his bye week AND playing the games he HAS played with a broken hand, other than the opener?

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    Horrible move. . Mccoy is good player but nowhere near worth that. They should’ve traded him. He should have never been this team. Thx Dom. Bad move, go bucs….. I guess.

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