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    I think he could have saved some energy and just said….yes, I messed up.

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      You didn’t read what he said. He clearly said it wasn’t just clock management, it was execution too.

      Lessons for everyone involved , both on the sideline and on the field.

      The most important thing, after this, only the 3rd game coached and played on the field by a new regime, will they see, analyze, adjust, and do better going forward?

      People forget, or never knew, that our winning coach in Bucs franchise history, Tony Dungy, inherited a 7-9 team from the year before, then went on to lose his first 5 games as head coach, and lost 8 of his first 9 games in that 1996 season … and then Tony’s Bucs won 5 of their next 7 games to finish the season. The following season, Dungy’s Bucs went 10-6 and made a trip to the playoffs and won a wild card playoff game.

      It’s hard as longsuffering Bucs fans to be told to remain patient, but that is what we have to do with a new coaching staff and many new and inexperienced players who are not playing anywhere nearly as well as they will in a couple or three more years. We have to be patient.

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        And given that Tony Dungy’s teams were most successful on defense, under Monte Kiffen as DC … it’s instructive that in their first season in 1996, Kiffen’s D gave up an average of 25 points a game the first five games (all losses) … and then in the remaining 11 games his defense averaged 13 points per game given up.

        People expect instant success … it’s great when it happens (occasionally), but it’s not the norm … even when the coaches and players are developing an all-NFL defense as Dungy and Kiffen and Sapp and Brooks did in those days.

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    Yes, I agree. He blew it. Momentum my ass. Too important to save that time and maybe think about the play a bit. Hopefully he learned from this.

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    Yes Koetter, Aquaya, Mike Smith blew it.

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    Our brains are most affected by the last thing we saw and our most recent experience. Do not be misled! Clock management was poor – make no mistake about it. But it was the last thing we saw with the game hanging in the balance, but it was just one act in a four act play!

    Our defense gave up too many big plays and is a sign of things to come. The Rams could not get close enough to kick a field goal or score one point on the hapless 49ers – a team I had penciled in as a Bucs win. Prior to playing us, the Rams in two games had never scored a TD. Granted DE Ayers was hurt, but where was DE Noah Spence – took just 12 snaps in the whole game. The Safety play was abysmal. In my mind, this was the most contributing factor in the loss.

    Jameis Winston had a career day in some respects, but as usual in a big game a mistake or two can be fatal. Though not his fault entirely, 2 turnovers put 14 points on the board. LT Smith was beaten by Robert Quinn on the strip ball returned for a TD and a pass that caromed off the hands of RB Simms led to another score. Still a factor, but I would take Winston’s play all day every day!

    Special Teams Kicking was a big time failure. You saw it so there’s no need to pile on. It needs to be fixed quick and in a hurry. Those missed points may have changed the game physically and psychologically!

    That’s the whole play Mrs. Lincoln. A lot to think about. See the Gerber Poll.

    Just an observation. Several Buc players bagging groceries Tuesday at various Publix stores around town after a horrific loss to the Rams seemed like poetic justice! lol

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    Can we please give Ryan Smith some playing time over the trash playing safety right now not like he can be worse

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    Good synopsis, macabee, as usual.
    I would also take Winston’s play all day. Strip sacks happen to all QB’s and that’s the second pass Simms has let bounce off his hands for the second straight week. It’s beginning to happen to frequently. Also, as a third year pro he has yet learned how to move the ball to his protected side so he can deliver an effective straight arm. What’s up with that?
    Defense, however, seems to be the main cause of defeat on Sunday. To let the Rams put up a 30 burger on us when they had only scored a combined 9 points previously in two games is outlandish.
    Poor safety play is usually the result of a poor pass rush which we had very little of on Sunday and for the last 5 or 6 years.
    The broken coverage on the first TD and the last however was safety originated though. Don’t know what Tandy was thinking but on the first TD Verner was obviously thinking he was going to get inside help and played it that way through his coverage but none appeared.
    I was afraid this might happen during preseason. When you start using multiple coverages your communication has to be top flight or you saw what happened last Sunday when it isn’t.

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    Yep poor defense was reason we lost. Pass rush been issue for a decade and still is. With Ayers and Smith it was upgraded for sure and we saw it in Atlanta. We were also razor thin at so many positions and now we see what happens if lose couple DE’s nobody can even sniff the qb.
    Yes, we need upgrade at safety also. Won’t beat a dead horse with the kicker but….could have got it this year.
    I’m also getting irritated with Sims. He needs to catch the damn ball and quit tipping it to defenders! I don’t like the draft pick when we needed O line at the time. Didn’t like his running style. First year he got hurt and kind of stunk. Last year I had to eat some crow but he’s definitely looking like more 3rd down back and not much else as far as carrying a load or running between tackles which is fine I guess. Just need to pay him accordingly and have someone behind Martin that can carry the load, and For god sakes quit causing turnovers!

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    Fredster I agree with you completely in regards to our pass rush. I was ambivalent at best at first when Licht picked Arroyo but now I think it was a huge mistake. The kind that may cost him his job on top of the ASJ debacle. Of course my attitude might change if Arroyo starts hitting all of his kicks but that doesn’t seem likely although I hope it does.
    In my last post I mentioned one of the safeties was at fault on the first TD pass but I just heard on Derrick Brooks’ Tampa 2 show that the defense that was called had Verner covering the WR one on one on the play.
    Whether or not he got the 411 or not remains to be seen but he was definitely playing the wrong type of coverage on the play.
    Whatever the case it still gets back to miscommunication and with all the multiple defenses the Bucs supposedly play, I mentioned this as one of my main concerns back during training camp.
    Fredster, I am also distressed by Sims’ copper hands which appear at inopportune moments. He also tries to juke and stutter to much in the backfield. Make one cut and go is the rule of thumb in the NFL in the backfield.

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