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    Does this mean Daryl Smith and Bond will cause an extra LB to be kept and another position like OL forced to carry less players? If this is so then it sucks! At least cut Glennon and quit dreaming that you can get something for him.

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      we for sure have to let Griffin go and I doubt anyone has any interest in Glennon after the way he has performed this pre season

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      Horse: They’ll likely keep 7 LB’s and 10 OL’s. Every position has to have a minimum for depth, but the idea is to keep the best 53. I think Ryan Smith being considered for the kick returner job is because the wide receivers used there this preseason might not make the team.

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    I want Ryan Smith to be good…and I’m glad he’s done well in returning kicks….because he looked out of place on that Skins TD run…getting run over two times….but again, I want him to be good, and I think maybe he was just playing out of position at SS on that play (for some odd reason) instead of FS where he more clearly belongs….fingers crossed because Safety (and all that that means for stopping TEs like Olsen, and whoever Brees decides to throw to this year) is a big concern right now.

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    Of course they’ll contribute. Unless we’re typing about a third string QB, EVERY player on a 53 man roster should contribute during the season and will. Congratulations Ryan and Davante!

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