It was quite apparent in May that the Bucs would use their first three draft selections, Vernon Hargreaves III, Noah Spence and Roberto Aguayo, heavily during the regular season. On Thursday, following the preseason finale, head coach Dirk Koetter revealed that Tampa Bay will rely on a couple more rookies from the 2016 class.

Asked if the Bucs were confident in a particular kick return specialist, the first name Koetter mentioned was fourth-round pick Ryan Smith.

“I actually like what I’ve seen from Ryan Smith,” Koetter said, noting that kick returner is a position that’s been affected by injuries. “He’s got a burst and he’s not afraid and he’ll hit it in there.”

Smith only returned two kicks, one each in the last two games, taking the first back for 19 yards against Cleveland and the second one 25 yards against Washington Wednesday night. But Koetter mentioned that the Bucs don’t always use those who have impressed them in practice during the exhibition games. Charles Sims, Koetter said, is another player they’re “pretty confident can go back there.”

As a senior at North Carolina Central, Smith, who will play safety in Tampa Bay, averaged 28.1 yards a return with one touchdown and earned All-MEAC Honors.

The other rookie Koetter endorsed was linebacker Devante Bond, the team’s sixth-round pick out of Oklahoma.

Bond hasn’t played the last two weeks due to a strained hamstring, leading some to believe that the injury could hurt his chances of making the final 53-man roster. But on Thursday Koetter cleared up that notion.

“One thing that we have to remember is Devante Bond has been out for a while,” Koetter said, after admitting that the team needs to improve depth at linebacker. “Both Devante Bond and Daryl Smith, who will be in the starting linebacker group, they’ve both missed a lot of time here in training camp.

“We feel that Bond did show us enough in the time that he was out that I think he’s going to bolster that second group,” he said. “Of course we feel really good about our three starters and we’re going to go down to two guys when we go to our nickel defense.”

As for the rest of the roster decisions, Koetter was careful not to reveal too much, adding, “We’re going to follow the protocol and announce our roster moves (Saturday). You’ll figure it out when you see it.”

But the indication that Smith could be fielding kicks and that Bond showed enough in just two weeks revealed a lot. Tampa Bay had major contributions from its first four picks last season – Jameis Winston, Donovan Smith, Ali Marpet and Kwon Alexander – and now it appears they’re expecting a similar makeup with their 2016 class.

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About the Author: Zach Shapiro

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4 years ago

Does this mean Daryl Smith and Bond will cause an extra LB to be kept and another position like OL forced to carry less players? If this is so then it sucks! At least cut Glennon and quit dreaming that you can get something for him.

Reply to  Horse
4 years ago

we for sure have to let Griffin go and I doubt anyone has any interest in Glennon after the way he has performed this pre season

Reply to  Horse
4 years ago

Horse: They’ll likely keep 7 LB’s and 10 OL’s. Every position has to have a minimum for depth, but the idea is to keep the best 53. I think Ryan Smith being considered for the kick returner job is because the wide receivers used there this preseason might not make the team.

4 years ago

I want Ryan Smith to be good…and I’m glad he’s done well in returning kicks….because he looked out of place on that Skins TD run…getting run over two times….but again, I want him to be good, and I think maybe he was just playing out of position at SS on that play (for some odd reason) instead of FS where he more clearly belongs….fingers crossed because Safety (and all that that means for stopping TEs like Olsen, and whoever Brees decides to throw to this year) is a big concern right now.

4 years ago

Of course they’ll contribute. Unless we’re typing about a third string QB, EVERY player on a 53 man roster should contribute during the season and will. Congratulations Ryan and Davante!