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    I really don’t understand this…reminds me a lot of SchiaNo and Lovie just hanging on to guys that were “their guys”. I’m not sure what Dirk has seen in Griffin but I am sure that I haven’t seen it. Let’s see if he can step-up tomorrow night, otherwise that roster spot sure would look good on another OLineman (for example).

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    I agree, don’t get it and seems like waste of a roster spot. Keep Glennon and cut Griffin. Find your backup next year after Glennon leaves. This is my first disagreement with Koetters decisions. Griffin is so exceptional we need to waste a roster spot? Him and Glennon both stink IMO.

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    I wonder if they anticipate a trade for Glennon this year?
    Go Bucs!!!

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    QB is the hardest position to learn. I am definitely in favor of keeping Griffin so there is continuity at the QB position. I don’t think keeping a 5th RB, a 6th TE, or a 5th safety makes more sense than a 3rd QB when you know you will be losing your 2nd QB at the end of the year(or sooner with a trade).

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    Perhaps the plan is to keep Griffin on the roster until the trading deadline. If no one is eager to make a deal for Mike Glennon stash RG4 on the Practice Squad. From what I’ve seen, he’s nothing special.

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    OMG more trade Glennon talk? There are no takers….
    I agree learning QB isn’t easy however any second string qb (Glennon included) is not going to carry this team at this point. Winston goes down this season is over. We are not good enough team and defense yet to win with a backup. We aren’t the Broncos. I would put Griffin on practice squad doubt anyone would take him either.

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