Bucs head coach Raheem Morris’ opening statement:
“We were clearly out-manned today. We were beat by a grown man team today, a team we want to be like one day. They came in here and took it to us. Out-manned us, out-gunned us. They were the better team today, clearly. It wasn’t even close.”

Morris on how the 0-3 Bucs can get better:
“We have no choice but to get better than this performance today. You get five first downs and you’re 0-of-9 on third downs. You have 86 yards total offense. It was completely disastrous. I don’t even know if you can blame one man. I don’t know if you can blame any two men. You have to go back and look at the whole thing and evaluate everything you did today. The only way you can get better is good eye, bad eye, self-evaluate, move on to the next opponent and be ready. If you let this one linger you’ll lose three more games. This thing is over.”

Morris on Tampa Bay’s offensive running game, which struggled vs. New York:
“When you talk about not making excuses, you’re not going to do that. Jeff Faine, one of our better players, has been out. It is not Sean Mahan’s fault. We have to do better. We have to get better play out of our running backs. We have to get better play out of our line. We have to get better plays out of our coaches, and we will.”

Morris on the Bucs losing confidence:
“No, I’m not worried about the confidence loss. You never worry about losing confidence. That starts with me. I won’t lose confidence in these guys and they won’t lose confidence in themselves. These guys will come back and they will be better next week. The running game is where we have to start, where we have to end, where we have to be. There’s no secret behind that.”

Morris on whether Bucs QB Byron Leftwich will start vs. the Redskins:
“Yes, like I said, I can’t sit here and tell you that this game can be blamed on any one man. Five first downs, 0-of-9 on third down, 28 yards rushing. If I take Byron Leftwich out of the game I might as well take everyone else out with him.”

Bucs QB Byron Leftwich on what happened vs. the Giants:
“I wish I knew. I wish I had an idea, that way you can adjust and fix it. Whatever it was, it was something we couldn’t find an answer to today. Nothing worked all day; nothing went well all day. It stinks when you play that bad because we know we’re a better team, but you have to go back and look at it. It’s something we did wrong because nobody played well today. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and make sure something like this never happens again.”

Leftwich on if the team was ready to play vs. the Giants:
“I was sitting there talking to Antonio Bryant. I would have never predicted this. I just didn’t see that coming the way we worked, the way we prepared. But let’s just give the Giants the credit they deserve. They came out here and beat the heck out of us. Like I was telling the guys, it’s not the first time we’ve had the heck beat out of us, but let’s make it the last.”

Leftwich on if he feels people are waiting for other people to make a play:
“I don’t think we’re waiting for someone else to make a play. I just think that first two weeks we made plays. We didn’t make any plays. We made zero plays. We made no plays. We made no plays as an offense and you just can’t win football games that way. You’re not even going to be close if you go out there and play the way we played today.”

Bucs wide receiver Michael Clayton on what went wrong on offense:
“It was disappointing, and a little embarrassing. We have to play better. We are a better team than we showed today. We just couldn’t get it going. We are shooting ourselves in the foot and not allowing ourselves to gain momentum. We just have to get better.”

Bucs running back Cadillac Williams on the offensive execution:
“It was a weird game. The way the coach prepared us, the looks and the things that they were going, it was what we were familiar with, but for some reason we as players just weren’t making plays. That starts up front, from the offensive line to the quarterback to the backs. It’s disgusting to be honest with you.”

Bucs TE Jerramy Stevens on the lack of offensive production:
"We couldn't get a first down," said Stevens. "That's embarrassing. We couldn't get a first down in the first half. I don't think I've ever been apart of something like that before. We just have to get on the same page as far as the offensive line and the running backs. We felt like we could get an advantage in the running game, but it just didn't happen today."

Bucs QB Josh Johnson on the WRs' dropped pass:
"From a quarterbacks standpoint it happens," said Johnson. "Guys make mistakes. I miss throws, we all miss throws. It is just part of the game. For us to grow as an offense and for us to grow as a team we have to bounce back from our mistakes. Mistakes are going to happen. Everybody does it. It is how you bounce back from it."

Johnson on the team's frustration:
"For all of us we are all frustrated because we know we are better and more capable of playing be better than that," said Johnson. "We haven't shown that all for this season. We have to look ourselves in the eye and we have to do better next week."

Bucs DE Gaines Adams on the Giants offense:
"They came out and had a good game plan," said Adams. "We got a couple of things going on, but we just have to look at the film and can't make any judgments right now."

Adams on Morris putting a lot of pressure on him to get sacks and how he's responded:
"Well obviously didn't respond very well we lost."

Adams on if he feels he's been singled out in practice:
"Not at all, it is what it is. It is football," said Adams. "Some guys get drafted highly. Some guys get more pressure put on than others. It is the nature of the beast. I don't feel any pressure at all."

Bucs WR Antonio Bryant on the three losses:
"We got to what you got to do. Everybody has to come to work," said Bryant. "There is nothing to be frustrated about. We are as one as a team. We know that. We just all have to step it up. We can't point the finger at nobody. We can't blame nobody. Everybody just needs to come to work. Point blank period."

Bryant on if his teammates share his attitude.
"Me I'm a realist. It is about integrity," said Bryant. "Everybody has to have the same attitude from the equipment man to the trainer, and everybody needs to get their mind on winning and we will have a better aura around this place. Until then we will be struggling. All teams struggle. We just have to have everybody come to work."

Bryant on playing through his knee injury:
"That's why I have to push myself to get back onto the field because everybody is beat up," said Bryant. "Nobody is 100 percent. Once you start playing this game you are never 100 percent. I think I was 100 percent when I was 14-years old. When I never knew where a weight room was, or a weight or anything, otherwise you are never 100 percent in this game. This right here can be 100 percent (his heart), but my body will never be 100 percent in this game. Point blank period."

Bucs' post-game quotes courtesy of the Buccaneers public relations staff.

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