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    Okay, some of you Posters can apologize for calling the Glazer’s or the GM classless. This was Lovie’s choice to be fired this way.

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    Glazers = Classless

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    I tried to get fired over the phone one time and they wouldn’t do it. Made me drive all he way down to the office to do it,”the company manual way.”
    Kiss off.
    If you already know you are going to get fired what difference doe it make.
    I just wish I had a 10 mill severance package to fall back on.
    Instead all I got was my back and vacation pay and 11 weeks of unemployment at the max of $275 a week thanks to Gov. “Psycho” Scott cutting back the benefit weeks

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      So, it’s not your fault that you got fired?

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    Im glad Lovie is gone. Defense didn’t perform to their capability under Lovie and Frazier in year one or year two. Both guys were previously NFL head coaches. I am glad the players on defense are mad he got fired. Maybe they will wake up and realize its their fault.

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    You can believe Lovie was a terrible coach, and still believe this was classless. And this was classless.

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    Seems to me the Glazers wanted to do it properly but Licht spilled the beans.

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