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    I feel about the same as I felt last year after the draft? I knew for sure we had a starter we selected in the 1st round which was Winston. I know in this draft we have a starter we selected and it is Aguayo. The rest we’ll see what pans out. I’m okay with the draft picks. Go Bucs!

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      Well Horse I agree with you again.I know where our GMwent about getting a kicker in Rd-2. I think that the Jags would take him before Tampa got back on the clock.The additional 4th round pick assured Tampa that they didn’t any ground on Tampa Needs. I can’t wait to see who Undrafted College FA Tampa picks up. But my draft was great when Tampa selected Hardgraves,Noah Spence and the Kicker from Fsu.That’s atleast 3 starters there.Go Bucs

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    Horse you were preaching for Aguayo long before the draft. Glad you got your man. I think he will be a big factor in the success of this team this year and for man seasons in the future.

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      I hope he won’t be too big a factor. We need touchdowns in the red zone.

      1. 2.1.1


        Don’t forget the long PAT’s 76.

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    I think they have three starters from this draft. If the Bucs do that consistently, they are in great shape.

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    I feel good about VHIII as a long term contributor. I’m sure Aguayo will be our kicker for many years. I like Spence as our choice but I see more boom or bust there. Glad we eventually took a safety and I expect him to start soon…not because he’s all that (maybe he is, I honestly have no idea) but because it won’t take much to beat out Tandy-Conte-McDougald.

    So. I guess if I look at it that way, there probably aren’t many teams that can say that much about their draft, and that must mean our draft was pretty good. Nobody that I’m super excited about – no Jaylon Smith present placed under our 2017 Christmas tree…but some solid picks that should make us better…and that’s got to count for something.

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    Just for you, georgehicks!

    2016 BUCCANEER’s UDFAs

    Tim Brown, TE, West Chester
    Isaiah Johnson, FS, South Carolina
    Peyton Barber, RB, Auburn
    Cassanova McKinzy, OLB, Auburn
    Davonte Lambert, DE, Auburn
    Anthony Kelly, WR, KutzTown
    Leonard Wester, OT, Missouri Western
    Luke Rhodes, OLB, William & Mary
    Dominique Robertson, OT, West Georgia
    Elijah Shumate, FS, Notre Dame
    Roman Namdar, WR, Mount Union
    Dez Stewart, WR, Ohio Dominican
    Kivon Cartwright, TE, Colorado State
    Jontavius Morris, DT, UAB
    Channing Ward, DE, Ole Miss
    Traveon Henry, FS, Northwestern
    Russell Hansbrough, RB, Missouri
    Alan Cross, FB/TE, Memphis
    Taylor Fallin, OT, Memphis
    Tyson Coleman, OLB, Oregon

    They had to do some scouting to dig up these guys. Where in the heck is KutzTown? Lol. I did my homework. It’s in Pennsylvania and Bills HOFer Andre Reed is from Kutztown!

    1. 5.1


      Great stuff as usual macabee. Let’s see; we now have 2 Devonte’s and a Lavonte (sic) on the team?

    2. 5.2


      Namdar could be a beast.
      Jontavius Morris is out of a very deep class of DT’s so could be a sleeper.
      The 2 safety’s cam from good programs that require smarts.
      Johnson and Robertson have a chance because they are connected to insiders.
      Gotta have a guy named Cassanova! Has to be mean:) Next a guy named Marque de.

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    Overall very good draft. Many on other Bucs’ site are severely downgrading this draft solely because of the Arguayo pick. While I too think it’s a terrible pick – due to 2nd round grade not the player and giving up a pick we could have used to “not necessarily shore(d) up (the team) but added to it”. Yes, he’s good but, over the long-term, Arguayo really won’t be that much better than a kicker we could have gotten at a lower round or as a FA. Now that that’s off my chest, I say he’s now a Buc so welcome aboard, kid. Now validate your pick! ALL ELSE ASIDE, I think we got four major contributors (perhaps five) with over half of those starting somewhere by the end of their second year (and that’s not counting the kicker). That is a damn good draft. Of course, time will tell but I feel hopeful about his draft which is more than I can say about SO many others in our past.

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    Mac, I have several friends who went to Kutztown, including my wife’s nephew. I’ve been on campus, it’s in Amish country. School’s know more for Lacrosse then football.

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    Here we criticize our original 3rd round (in reality) pick who will likely play a major role in every game for at least a few years. Yet, some folks are singing the praises of Jerry Jones and the Jags for having the balls to take a player in the 2nd round who may never play again. When will the media look negatively at the Cowboys for their Randy Gregory and Greg Hardy headline grabbing moves and bash Jerry Jones?

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      Absolutely Scu!!! Media just loves the cowboys…can’t do anything wrong and always have jerry jones front and center. Yet….what have they done lately?? As I stated before…10 years from now our kicker will have won a lot of games for us.

    2. 9.2


      Scubog the answer is never. The Cowboys have done nothing in 20 years and are totally irrelevant, yet the star struck media continue to talk about them.

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    Overall I think this was a pretty good draft. The only pick that made my heart skip a beat (in a good way) when we made it was Aguayo. I told my wife when we made it, “We’re going to win a lot of football games with that guy”. I’d give this draft a solid “B” as a grade. I would have given it an “A” if we had used that 4th rounder to move up and get Ogbah instead of Spence and used our 5th rounder if need be to move up and get Aguayo.

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    We did well with Hargreaves and Spence. The rest I am more concerned about. I will hope for the best, but this class feels like a C.

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    Licht has taken a lot of heat over taking the kicker at No. 2 but as the old Arabic saying goes, “we shall see.”
    A lot of critics point to the Jets taking mike Nugent at No. 2 as the guideline. Nugent lasted four years with the Jets and still kicks in the NFL but is considered a waste of a high draft selection.
    They forget about the Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski who was drafted out of Florida St. No. 1 by Oakland who has been with the team for 16 years and is still considered one of the premier kickers in the league.
    I have no idea which one this kicker will turn out to be no more than anyone else could tell you if many No. 1 draft picks would turn out to be stars or busts.
    Drafts can only be judged four or five years down the line.
    To do so the day after isn’t just foolish, it’s just plain stupid.

  12. 13


    Thanks to Mac for the UDFA list and Surfer for the Kutztown enlightenment!

  13. 14


    What about the Jags taking a LB who said himself he will probably have to have microsurgery on his knee.
    The kid the Cowboys took probably wished Jerry Jones had minded his own business because the insurance policy her bought kept paying him more and more money for every pick and round he dropped.
    Jerry Jones is an idiot.
    He has more to do with the Cowboys being mired in mediocrity than anyone else in the organization.
    If he was anyone elses GM he would have already been fired.

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    I agree Jones is a moron. Media loves his Elliot pick at 4 but nobody had Elliot rated that high. Too 10 maybe. They just got Morris at RV too. Apparently if they run the ball the defense doesn’t matter? Lol. Defense still wins championships. They have a below average one.

    Romo gets hurt and they have no run game because the backup QBs suck so all teams just loaded the box to stop the run. Had little to do with losing Murray. If Romo goes down again they think now will run ball fine because they have Elliott? Stupid.

  15. 16


    Also nobody had Elliott rated higher the Ramsey, and their defense is not good. He was a fool for passing him in favor of another RB. Pundits all I’ve this pick and taking a guy in 2nd that may never play. Media is biased for sure.

    Time will tell if Bucs draft is as good as last years. I really hope so but I can’t help but be skeptical at this point. Go Bucs!

  16. 17


    fredster, understand about your skeptisisn but many felt that way last year and look how it turned out.
    There were questions, some serious, about the Bucs first four picks.
    Winston: Character and maturity
    Smith: Lazy
    Marpet: Small school competition
    Alexander: Expeience in MLB position

    Despite all those questions, they all turned out fine.
    The one thing you cant fix is a permanent injury that has or will disable a player from his past performances.
    Jacksonville and Dallas picking those two players may be a feel good story to pundits, but it’s like playing against the house in blackjack with a 6 deck card.

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