The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made restructuring quarterback Brian Griese’s contract their number one priority this offseason.

Griese’s current deal calls for the signal caller to receive a $6 million roster bonus on Mar. 1, which would bring his cap value to $8.1 million. The Bucs, who are approximately $14 million over the NFL-mandated salary cap, can’t afford to keep Griese’s contract the way it is, which is why both sides are currently in talks about reworking the deal.

“We sent a proposal to the Bucs and we’re waiting to hear back,” said Ralph Cindrich, who serves as Griese’s agent. “We have a good rapport and good communication.”

Several recent published reports suggested Bucs head coach Jon Gruden told Griese that he wanted to know whether he was going to rework his deal by the end of the week. While Cindrich said he was unaware of Gruden’s request, the agent is hopeful that the two sides can come to terms between now and the start of free agency.

“I’m not aware of any time constraints, but we know we have to get it done,” said Cindrich.”

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