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    Just “as soon” I’d imagine, and not “assume”,but I know how the spell checking works.

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    I have a lot of confidence in the Bucs’ Head Coach! It’s been a while since I felt this way. Go Bucs!!!!!

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    I loved the Alexander pick last year. Anytime you can get a Team Captain in the 4th round you got a steal. You know a Team Captain will be smart, organized, team player, motivated and give total effort.

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    Really like to know who isn’t there ? Did Evans and ASJ make it

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      I saw pics of Evans running I believe. Not sure about ASJ, but his ass better have been there.

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    It’s so refreshing to have a Coach who actually will answer the questions.

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      I think so too my friend.

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    As far as being candid about answering questions, he will learn sometimes that it’s not always good to be so honest.
    The first time he says one thing and changes his mind and does another, the fans and the media will jump all over his if the team is losing.

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      Well it is a much needed change of relief from Lovies BS answers. He was the master of “coach speak”. The art of not answering a question by talking in a circle.

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    I do agree with you cgmaster, but as I said before, in his position, sometimes candor can bite you in the ass.
    The media and fans are a fickle lot.

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