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    An awesome interview! This makes me even more convinced that we have the right head coach now. And if it takes more than 2 years to get to the play-offs, so be it. Koetter will get it done if we don’t act like the Oakland Raiders and fire every one or two years.

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    Thanks Zach. This is a Coach we can have some patience with because he will make adjustments. I believe it is realistic to expect an 8-8 Season; I say this because I have no clue how much have improved on defense or not. If the Defense improves then we could add a win or two. Go Bucs!

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    WE are so lucky to have Coach Koetter. It is hard to think of Tampa as an offensive powerhouse as it has never happened. Watching Winston develop under his leadership is going to be a gas.

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    I still have a hard time seeing 8 and 8 this season. If defense does a MUCH better job then it’s possible. That is the BIG unknown!!

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      cream puff schedule last season and we won 6 games, schedule harder this yr so I see 5-6 games again but we will better but record won’t show it

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        i would be pleased with 8 and 8. I think we are still another draft or two away from being a real playoff team.

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    I will hold my optimism in check until I see something, ie, a preseason game or 2. PFF has the Bucs ranked as the most improved team in the NFC-South, but then predicts they will finish the season in 4th place. What’s up with that?

    Mike Tyson says “everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth”!

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      What a quote Mac…love it!!

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    I think the offense had more to do with Winston that it had to do with Koetter, I’m an ASU Fan and have seen every game of ASU, and I wasn’t a Koetter Fan neither was the whole ASU Fan Base and I am not a believer now, hope he proves me wrong but all I see is the Bucs hiring a meant to be a coordinator as a head coach and will be back as a coordinator in two yrs. We also had the other horrible ASU Coach Larry Marmie on staff ugh

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    So be it jongruden. You are now on record for the fourth or fifth time saying you aren’t a big gf Koetter as a head coach.
    Can we move on now of are you going to keep reminding us of this every time his name comes up.
    As for me, I am going to give the man an opportunity to prove himself just like I did Morris, Schiano and Smith.
    You make it sound like you and your cronies never did that when he was at ASU.

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      We gave him a chance cause he was mildly successful at Boise St, I have seen him as a head coach for 4 yrs and he was terrible so now I’m suppose to believe he’s different? You don’t know Koetter as a head coach only as a coordinator so get back to me in two yrs

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