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    Here’s what I recall about the last time we met the Failcons:
    1) we won
    2) the TV commentators misplaced comments about GMC looking defeated during the coin flip in OT
    3) GMC making the final play on 4th down to wrap-up Ryan’s legs and seal the victory
    4) the Failcons were killing us on both sides of the ball outside of a stretch between the middle of the 2nd and the middle of the 3rd quarters.
    5) In particular I remember saying to myself at the end of the 4th quarter “here we go, Ryan’s got the ball with 3 minutes left and we’re going to lose somehow”
    6) Right before that play, it was the first time in his life Lovie decided to gamble a bit and go for it on 4th down around mid-field….I remember applauding openly.

    We won – yes, but it was not conventional (4 TOs; Lovie going for it on 4th down)…if we want to win again, we need to open it up again…#blitzkreigBUCS #deepTOevans

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    Said it all right there EastEnd. Just about right!!!

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