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    How bad a team are you when you expect better play from your secondary because you are starting back ups after letting go your 7th overall pick at SS? Lol. It can’t get worse I guess.

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    If Wright is better, why wasn’t he starting? But we can be the last ranked defense with Sabby Piscitelli patrolling.

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    One thing I’m sure of is this “tweaked” Bucs defense will be just what “an erratic Cleveland offense” needs to get things together. The Bucs seem to be a cure all for struggling opposing offenses.

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    I’m kind of insulted that they would think I’m dumb enough to buy this crap. As scubog said, if they honestly thought Wright was better, he would be playing. Just tell us the truth, Lovie: You know the season is over and are doing everything you can to try to get picks for the draft. Stop with this nonsense. We’re smarter than that. I hope Horchy didn’t by this either.

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    You guys are breathing exhaust fumes if you think Lovie is going to say what we know to be the truth and have his remaining players quit on him for the remainder of the season. Call it reverse psychology or if you want perverse psychology. Bottom line, you are never going to hear the words “This season is shot, we’re playing for next year”!

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      I agree Mac.

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    I totally disagree with the way the cards were reshuffled with the trading of Barron. K. Tandy got 3 INT’s last year but is not a good tackler so he should be starting at FS. Goldson or McDougald should be starting at SS. I actually think McDougald would perform better than Goldson based on what McDougald did at training camp, but Goldson is making the big bucks. Either way, the real plan must really be like Macabee said. We’re “Malfunctioning for Mariota” at this point.

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    If all this BS is to try and land Mariota,then our FUTURE is already in more trouble than we think…Lovie should not be the guy to pick a future franchise QB- he brought McClown to us! Lovie needs to go at the end of the season- keeping him will damage this franchise deep into the future- esp. If we go QB in the first round…

    If Mariota is the projected target,I’m even more worried…Oregon QBs look great in college but where are they in the NFL? And if we go for Winston- we have a potential head case for a franchise QB- it’s a lose,lose,lose for Tampa and it’s future…

    Be warned Tampa another year with Lovie calling the shots they will need to change the teams logo to a sunken ship…
    might be a good thing- the current uniforms are crap…

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    I don’t see any of these Safety’s on the team next year. We need to draft a Safety, CB, LB, DE, Center, RG, LT, QB. Oh I forgot to say all those picks should be in the early rounds.

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    All I hear on all the sites is we ned to draft a QB in the early first round. Great that means 2 or 3 more years of losing while (if) he develops.Three words state my opinion: Vinnie T; Clint Dilfer; Josh Freeman. This is a toxic organization and it cannot pick QBs in rd 1. Don’t waste the pick on a QB in rd 1.

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