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    The Bucs are going to have a lot of dead cap money freed up this year when Michael Johnson, Anthony Carter, Dashon Goldson. Mark Barron and yes even Carl Nicks are scrubbed off the books.
    That’s 20 mill right there. The salary caap is expected to go up 10 mill this year. The Bucs were under the salary cap by 11 mill last year.
    Simple addition tell you the team will have close to 41 mill this coming year in unused money.
    2016 season also marks the first year each team has to spend a set amount of money on players salaries.
    Although we didn’t do well in FA in 2014 in FA signing starting players, we did much better by adding depth in FA this year.
    But we need some quality first string players at the DE position and the CB slot.
    There is a DE from Miami who looks promising.
    But signing starters is always iffy because once they get that fat contract many of them lose the hunger to play at a high level.

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    drdeast, you are correct about who we sign; I’m for further psychological analysis in more detail to determine if big money will effect their drive to play better. I would start it with Martin because it sure has effected GMC. Why I say that? Why would anybody in their right mind play at the weight he went down to considering his height. He’s one guy who needs to change his trainer and add 20 pounds. Of course this is just my opinion with little proof, but my commonsense.

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    Eric, why unload players unless bonus money is involved without showing them film of them coasting and not going full throttle? I would prefer to give them an opportunity to prove it otherwise on the practice field. Meanwhile we still bring in FA Players and draft at positions of need. Just my thoughts here.

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      Horse, it’s because carrying loafers on the team will effect the other players . The coaches need to send the right message.

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    Horse, I’m not sure thee is a psychological testing tool out there that can measure the heart that is needed to win championships.
    I think you have bee concerned about McCoy’s weight all year. What is his playing weight this year.
    He should be anywhere between 290 and 300.
    76Buc, I believer they will be sending those messages in the next few months.
    You would have thought shipping out or cutting Mark Barron, Dashon Goldson, Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins would have sent that message last year.
    But lets face it, some of these guys might be okay as backups, but are definitely not starters.
    Leonard Johnson was one of those players. God knows they say he worked his butt off but in the end he was a third stringer.
    William Gholston is another. He has worked his butt off but he really shouldn’t be starting.

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