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    Great Deal. 7.5 mil a season is a great deal. Good job Bucs.

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    Very good news. But now what are the angry masses going to complain about? Now apparently Licht will be considered a genius, even though he was ready to be vilified when Martin wasn’t resigned by early March.

    1. 2.1


      Don’t worry, like Arnold in the Terminator, the angry masses will be back.

      1. 2.1.1


        I’m still wondering where those 20,000 season ticket waiting list went?

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    Well buc fans Doug Martin is back in Tampa.Now lets sign the following thru vet fa !.A DE,OT,another Center a CB, & FA and WR GOBuCS

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    The Glazers must be crying like the Japanese colonel in “Bride Over the River Kwai” knowing they are going to have to pay out all that money.
    Now they might not be able to hire anymore relatives for front office jobs.
    Bet here is it is guaranteed money for the first two or three years and nothing after that which is fine with me.
    Time to move on and find a road grader to replace Mankins, a solid DE, CB and right OT.
    Get moving Licht. You have already wasted to much time trying to chisel down Dougie so the Glazers could buy a Swiss chalet.

    1. 4.1


      Even in victory, you have a way of defeat. I used to enjoy your posts but all you do is complain all the time. Can you once just be happy for this team. I can only hope we improve this year so I don’t have to read more of your mindless rants on here.

    2. 4.2


      The signing is a victory for the free enterprise system and Darwinism. The cream rises to the top. I hope to have my own Chalet someday, but I may not have the firepower to do it. Good job Licht!

      1. 4.2.1


        “The signing is a victory for the free enterprise system and Darwinism. ”

        That makes no since at all. How does a dead mis-informed scientist even equate into “free enterprise?”

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    nmkinley, I have probably been the most vocal about this and I never blamed Licht and I don’t think many others did either. Most of us are aware Licht gets his marching orders from the Glazers boys.

    1. 5.1


      You just never let up, even when your name calling and criticisms, bordering on anti-sematism, are shown to be totally off base. I suspect you would have been much happier if Martin signed elsewhere so you could thump your chest and wag your finger at the “cheapskate” Glazers.

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    GREAT NEWS! Now to lock up Vernon!

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    Now lets make a couple more signings. I would like to see us sign G Jari Evans, LB Zack Brown, and DE Robet Ayers for the right prices. Then we can draft BPA instead of need.

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    That Glazer theory is also a default complaint by the disgruntled. I seem to recall very large payouts free agents to the likes of VJ, Verner, Johnson, etc with very few results. If I were business owners like the Glazers , I would think very hard before being duped into being big players in free agency again. But again, it isn’t our money that was wasted for them all those times, so it should be easily forgotten I guess.

    1. 9.1


      Very true, spending big in FA hasn’t worked out very well for us other than VJax. Building the team through the draft has worked much better and is a more long-term solution. We can pick up a big ticket FA or 2 to fill the last few holes but until then we’re doing it right. Thanks Mr Licht!

    2. 9.2


      I agree – largely the salary cap minimum keeps the old Culverhouse-type owners out if the league. Like it or not there is a requirement to spend nearly 90% of the cap so I don’t think the Glazers are somehow holding Licht back…he’s doing that all on his own.

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    Finally!!!! Restores my faith in this organization in making the necessary moves to keep key pieces together, now lets focus on defense in free agency and draft, No more stupid Elliot talk, ha

    1. 10.1


      Now lets cut Stocker and really go in the right direction ha

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    This was a good move by the Bucs. Dougie was the best of all available options and we got him at a fair price. Go Bucs!

    1. 11.1


      Now I can continue to wear Martin’s jersey for a few more years and I don’t need to get a new one!

      1. 11.1.1


        Me too. I didn’t want to add # 22 to the curse of the Scubog player jersey pile.

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    Didn’t think I’d ever get this deal done, You’re welcome Tampa. Seriously It’s a great day in Tampa Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13


    Good deal! Never thought anything else would happen! And I lie! I was nervous as…you know…that lady in church! lol. #whew

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    Glad Dougs a Buc, but I admit it woulda been fun watching Johnny G go ballistic had they let him walk over a mill.

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    Only needed to sign one key big name free agent and the Bucs have done that.

    Free agency – check.

    Now onto the draft.

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    Whew. I bet Jameis is thrilled about that.

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    They had the cap space. Therefore there was no justification to not pay the guy. He earned it. Thanks to Licht for making us sweat that one out

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    Free agency without Doug would’ve been Christmas without Santa. We can all pull our heads out of the oven. SERENITY NOW!!!

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    Good to see Doug brought back. And a two year front loaded deal as well it seems. We will probably look at those two lineman and that’s about it this free agency.
    On a side note, has anyone seem that ridiculous contract Vernon just got? Wow. Players in free agency this year are getting monster contracts.

    1. 19.1


      Wow, tell me about it! I wanted us to go after him but with those numbers, I’m glad we didn’t! Jaye Howard from KC is still available if we can get a decent price

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    OK, I’m happy with the Martin contract, hope he holds up now. But I’m very happy for the offensive continuity. Now we just need a little more FA help, but maybe nothing overwhelming. I would love to make a push for O. Vernon at DE, but would also be happy with an established and cheaper vet, like maybe R. Ayers. Also would love to see a push for at least 1 but maybe even 2 very solid OLinemen. Sweezy, Schwartz, Schraeder and Boone are on top of my list. Wouldn’t mind a push for R. Foster at OG if we miss out on Sweezy who might be too expensive. Then a solid S and a solid CB for depth would be great.

    1. 20.1


      Agreed, a DE would be nice but there’s no real game changers available. Shoring up the O-line for the Dougernaught would be a very smart move

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    I have never been a truly smart and successful businessman because I hate the hassle of hard bargaining. Yet, I do understand why it is necessary. Martin’s agent did his job. He probably got the maximum he could for his guy. $7.5 mil is not too shabby.Doug still got to stay with the Bucs which is what I believe he truly wanted.

    The Vernon deal makes me wonder what went on behind the scenes. Why did Miami pull their transition tag offer for him. Hmm, Seems like a lot of money was at stake. Oh, well it was probably just a coincidence. 樂

    Maybe, Licht just doesn’t like to be used in other people’s manipulations when he is trying to get the talent we need. More speculation. Oh, well!

    Go Bucs!!!

  22. 22


    OL? Well, a deal came faster than I can type.

    Go Bucs!!!

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    Jongruden, I’m so happy I’m going to let that last ongoing backhand to Stocker alone.
    You and I both saw eye to eye on Martin.
    Chefboho, can’t do anything about the tenor of posts. When I see something as bad as a train wreck coming, I just don’t close my eyes. hold on and start praying for divine intervention.
    I deal in realism.
    It is true the Bucs. like most teams, have wasted money in FA before. But since Licht has arrived they haven’t wasted that money in resigning our own FA’s which is a big difference.
    We used to have a GM here before who did both.

  24. 24


    drdneast: The train hadn’t even left the station when you started your BS name-calling and fact-less accusations. Licht had had the train on track all along, he just didn’t confide in you. You were in the tunnel like the rest of us. But only you took the name-calling approach. You well know the Glazers spent a train car full of money on free agents that became the Great Train Robbery. And here they are again writing yet another check in hopes it will not be flushed down the free agent toilet again. Admit that you were a bit harsh on the Glazer boys.

  25. 25


    In an interview with NFL Network, Martin was asked about which nickname he prefers. He said that he likes what we here at PR have been calling him, “the Dougerhaught” Welcome back Dougernaught!

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    This is a bad deal for the bucs. RB is no longer premium position. We could have picked a 2nd day RB and gotten similar production for a lot less. That way we could use the extra money on a premium position.

    1. 26.1


      Magoobee, enough w/ the saving $ argument when the Bucs have s#!+loads to spend already for the ‘premium position’ player. They kept continuity and a ProBowl player.

  27. 27


    I’d rather have martin back than not so I’m glad he’s here and I’m also glad they guaranteed only 15 mil. Go Bucs!

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