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Tampa Bay’s offensive and defensive linemen squared off in 1-on-1 drills twice on Sunday as the full pads came on for the first time during the team’s 2016 training camp. PewterReport.com was there to chronicle all of the action.

The first series came in a run-blocking drill where the offensive linemen had to get lateral movement on the defensive line in order to win the battle. For the most part, they were successful in the run period.

Right guard Ali Marpet got the best of defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to start things off for the offensive linemen, followed by left guard Kevin Pamphile getting positioning on George Johnson, who was playing primarily inside at defensive tackle on Sunday. The first defensive player to work inside and establish position was nose tackle Akeem Spence, who beat center Joe Hawley.

Rookie defensive end Noah Spence got a stalemate with rookie left tackle Leonard Wester two plays later as the defense started to rise up as the period was winding down. Kourtnei Brown, who has been getting a lot of second-team reps at left defensive end, blew up rookie right tackle Kelby Johnson. Rookie defensive end Channing Ward also flashed inside and beat Marpet with an inside rip on the next snap.

Bucs DT Clinton McDonald and C Evan Smith - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Bucs DT Clinton McDonald and C Evan Smith – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Reserve center Ben Gottschalk drove big nose tackle A.J. Francis backwards, but the defense won the next rep as rookie defensive tackle DaVonte Lambert used a club-rip to beat guard Josh Hale. The offense and defense traded wins back-and-forth as this period wrapped up with left tackle Donovan Smith beating undersized defensive end Howard Jones with pure power, and Will Gholston beating right tackle Demar Dotson inside.

Dotson got another rep against Gholston and got him squared up to drive him up and backwards for the win. Johnson and rookie Taylor Fallin split a back-to-back series before Evan Smith beat Clinton McDonald off the ball and sealed him off. On the final rep, Pamphile beat McCoy, who was out of sync on the rep as he jumped offsides.

The offensive and defensive line resumed their one-on-one battles later in practice and went one-on-one against each other in pass rush-pass protection drills. Right tackle Dotson started off dominant, planting Jacquies Smith into the ground early in the drills. Left tackle Donovan Smith was successful in mirroring Robert Ayers and controlling him.

Marpet drove Gholston, who was rushing from the defensive tackle position, into the ground on his rep, but McCoy got revenge for the defense by bull-rushing Pamphile and driving him backwards. Gholston turned the tables on his next rep, but bull-rushing Marpet and getting penetration.

McCoy continued to toy with Pamphile, using an outside step to set up an inside spin move to win the rep. The defense kept things rolling on the next snap as nose tackle Akeem Spence used a forklift-hump move to shove Hawley out of the way.

Clinton McDonald used a bull rush move to shove his way past Evan Smith. Hawley beat Spence on the rematch rep by locking him up inside, while McDonald used a wicked long arm move on Evan Smith to sweep his reps against the center, who saw time with the starters today in 11-on-11’s.

Brown and Gosder Cherilus battled to a stalemate on their first rep before Brown was victorious on the second snap, which he won with a strong inside rip. Donovan Smith and Noah Spence had a stalement in their first go-around before Smith pancaked Spence, who was using an outside speed rush, on the next rep.

Johnson and Fallin squared off and split their rips with Johnson winning the first one with effort and strength and then lost the second one with Fallin locking him up inside. Defensive tackle Cliff Matthews split his rips with Allen, who did a great job mirroring him on the first snap before Matthews used a long arm technique to win the next.

Gottschalk effectively mirrored Ward and started an offensive line trend with Pamphile beating A.J. Francis twice using quickness to negate Francis’ size and strength. Ward used a nice club-rip move to get past Gottschalk.

Lambert swept offensive tackle Kelby Johnson in a pair of reps by beating him off the ball with speed on the first snap and a strong inside spin move on the next.

Jones lost an outside rush against left tackle Donovan Smith, who used his length and strength to push Jones way outside on the first clash. On the next rep, Jones stepped outside and then came inside to beat Wester, who has been getting reps as the second-team left tackle.

Rookie defensive tackle Travis Britz used a nice swim move to get past Fallin on his first rep and followed that up with a strong rip move to get by him on the next rep. Akeem Spence kept up the defensive momentum by easily sweeping Hale with quickness, power and superior technique on both of his reps against the rookie offensive lineman.

Bucs DE Noah Spence and LT Leonard Wester - Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Bucs DE Noah Spence and LT Leonard Wester – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

Marpet and McDonald split their series with Marpet pancaking McDonald on the first snap, but McDonald used a tremendous push-pull technique followed by a nasty club-rip to finish Marpet. The defense’s dominance was interrupted by Gottschalk beating Gholston, who was lining up inside at defensive tackle, on consecutive snaps by keeping Gholston at bay with proper arm extension and great feet to laterally mirror him.

Noah Spence beat Wester off the ball with a tremendous speed move before Jacquies Smith dominated Dotson to end the session with a pair of wins against the defense. Smith used a stutter step outside to cross Dotson’s face and beat him inside. Then on the final rep, Smith took a step outside and then a quick step inside to fake an inside rush before blowing by Dotson on the outside. Dotson bit hard on Smith’s inside rush from the previous rip and whiffed on blocking the defensive end, which drew a lot of hooting and hollering from the defensive linemen, who were watching.

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5 years ago

Good to see the back and forth between the OL/DL. Also nice to see OT D.Smith dominate in the first padded practice.

5 years ago

This shows our linemen on both sides in playing shape. Our starting LT showed also he has improved in pass blocking which is good to see.

5 years ago

Love the one on one battles. Brings on that much needed intensity.

5 years ago

“McCoy continued to toy with Pamphile.” HMMMM
Sounds like he can’t handle McCoy. Hope it’s just the wording of the statement. GO BUCS

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg