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    I love his nickname “Afro-Thunder”! Go Bucs!!!

    1. 1.1


      Me too, I wonder how the heck he fits that under his helmet. Haha

  2. 2


    I really hope Kenny can stay healthy and bring some much needed speed to our receiving core. Not only that, but the guy is one hell of a blacker. Even better than our almighty Luke Stocker, and that’s saying a lot.

    1. 2.1


      Agreed. Plus, I bet it helps prevent concussions!

  3. 3


    Less concerned about speed in the slot…more concerned about hands of glue…we’ve seen lots of guys run through the slot for us and we’re still looking for the guy that catches everything thrown his way…

    hope it can be one of these guys in 2016…

  4. 4


    I believe Bell will beat out Murphy this year. I think the year of allowed him to adjust…Him and Humphries should do well.

  5. 5


    I think Bell will end up getting cut. Just a hunch. Will have to see how it plays out. It’s do or die this year for him for sure.

  6. 6


    I believe the knock on Bell last year in training camp was inconsistent hands.
    I never saw or heard about this problem when he was at Nebraska so hopefully it was due to the rigors of camp and a new system.
    I’m not down on Murphy and the Bucs have a manageable number on him, but his problem is disappears in games sometimes and he has plenty of speed. Not sure he actually likes or wants to be a slot receiver due to the physical nature of the position.
    I think Humphries had a B season last year and caught practically everything Winston threw to him. He doesn’t mind going over the middle and he’s quick and knows how to find the soft spots in zone coverage.
    Dye had trouble of his own with his hands last year and almost made a huge bonehead mistake against the Rams but was saved by Luke Stocker’s field awareness.
    For being a pretty good receiver at LSU, Russell Shepherd had never made much of an impact as a WR in Tampa Bay.

  7. 7


    Watched Kenny Bell in Training Camp. He’s very smooth and graceful but appeared to be pressing a bit instead of relaxing and let it all come naturally when catching the ball. Two more months and we’ll see how they all look.

  8. 8


    He is a 5th round draft choice. Me thinks he will need to contribute in other areas to stick. People downplay Murphy but he was good in the slot before he got hurt.

  9. 9


    Murphy has great speed, experience, and knows how to get open, and will beat out Bell because Murphy has great hands too. Bell can be the reserve Slot Receiver and contribute on special teams. At least Bell is much better than Dye and should knock Dye off the roster…..

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