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    Luke Stocker continues to be a complete waste of a roster spot.

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      Mark Cook

      Lol. Based on what? Do you not think the Bucs need someone to block? Is this jongrudens alter ego account?

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      You must be jongruden’s doppelganger Gerardski.

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    Can’t see us go with only 3 RBs…hopefully we have our eye on Bishop Sankey (been a fan of his since his Wash days).

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    I think Geradski is jongrudens little brother.
    I can think of at least two splash plays Luke Stocker has made in the last few years but couldn’t remember one from some of our other so called “stars” who were brought in here over the last few years.
    It’s players like Stocker who do all the dirty work so guys like Evans, Martin, Jackson and Winston can shine and they are glad to do it.

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    Also Geradski, Stocker has been through I think four coaching regime changes. But you, in all of your infinite wisdom in cyberspace, no better. Go put your fantasy team together junior and let the professional grown ups who do this for real money and a living do the roster selection.

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    I’m surprised Myers made the cut. Stocker’s value I see, but two blocking tight ends?

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      I agree suferdudes. For the life of me, I don’t see what Brandon Myers brings to the party. Also, Luke Rhodes outplayed all the LBs and still gets cut. I don’t think he will make it to the practice squad because some team will snatch him up. I hope J. Allen makes it to the practice squad but I doubt it.

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    Dr. D: Folks don’t ever notice the players doing “the dirty work”. Too busy watching the ball. Too caught up with the splash players to see the work being done by those unsung types. No, Stocker isn’t used much as a pass catching threat, but as you said, four different regimes saw his worth. Haven’t heard much from jonnyg lately. He might be devastated by the Mike Jenkins injury.

    I did fairly well with my personal roster prediction, but I must say a few surprised me. DT DaVonte Lambert, DE Channing Ward kept over LB Luke Rhodes and DE Kourtnie Brown were my misses. I think Brown lost out for his inability to hold up against the run. I thought we’d keep 6 LB’s . Rhodes is probably returning to the Practice Squad. Guess I should have paid more attention to Ward and Lambert.

    As it is every year, there will be a few changes before the opener against the Falcons. Even though WR Russell Shepard had a better Training Camp, I still don’t see him as a legitimate #4 receiver. Likewise, Evan Spencer had his moments, but he shouldn’t buy a house just yet.

    When Sweezy and Murphy are ready to return I suspect Benenoch or Wester and Spencer go to the Practice Squad.

    Sure is more fun to discuss the team than society’s ills.

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    I hope the Bucs keep Peyton Barber on the practice squad. He is a nasty interior runner. The Bucs were lucky last year that Martin held up. Chances are he will be injured this year and I cant see Sims as a full time option (nor James).

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    Peyton Barber didn’t impress me. I like Mike James a s a runner. I think he is a solid option for backup who has proven success when given his chance. All one has to do is look back a few years ago when he got the chance to start in the Seattle game where he rushed for over a 100 yards against that stiff Seattle defense, and he did it with an average at best offensive line.

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      Yes James got 158 in one game and the next week got injured. That is why I say that neither James or Sims can be an ever down back. Too Fragile.

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    Roster looks good, I look forward to seeing what Koetter comes up with using all these TEs. Hoping the Dougernaught holds up all year but if not, we have viable options to take his place. Our QB and WR depth has me a little worried but I think with more time and continuity things should improve

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    Griffin is a waste and like others I’m not sure about Myers. Nobody wants Glennon; not sure if he would be picked up if he was just released? I know i have been wrong on these views before.

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