Bucs head coach Raheem Morris on Tampa Bay's 38-28 win over Green Bay.
"Obviously a much better day today. We went out there and won. A great start to how we want to be, how we want to look, how we want to play. These guys played passionate. I don't have the official stats. Stats are for losers and this week we're winners."

Morris on QB Josh Freeman's performance.
"We still have to be patient. We still have to let him grow. He made some mistakes. He can go back and look at himself that will allow him to get better and better. It was a nice start, very similar to the one I saw him do in college. Coming back, leading your team down with a two-minute drive, scoring a touchdown. However you do it is impressive. His age (21) really doesn't matter at this point. He has to be a seven-year vet. He has to lead us to where we need to go."

Morris on the Bucs going for it on fourth down late in the fourth quarter.
"It was a no-brainer. We were out there playing to win."

Morris on how it feels getting his first win as Tampa Bay's head coach.
"It was fun. Obviously, it's not about me. It's about us. It's about everyone that's a part of this. It's about the organization from the top to the bottom, everybody's included. Everyone worked hard for this. I got just as hard of a hand slap from Danny the ground guy to general manager Mark Dominik to ownership. It doesn't matter where you are in the building. It doesn't matter what you do for us, we try to treat everybody the same. We have the same bounce in our building. We have the same swagger in our building and that's going to continue to stay. Nothing is going to tear us down. We're going to keep doing this, keep building on it."

Morris on if the Bucs will wear their throwback uniforms again next week due to winning on Sunday.
"I don't know. We have to get into some negotiations to see if we can put on our orange some more. It would be nice. I'll go talk to ownership here in a little bit, maybe make some phone calls this weekend."

Morris on the play of Tampa Bay's special teams unit.
"They've been doing it the whole year, blocked punts, returned kicks. Clifton Smith, we talked about a bunch. He was special. They were special. Having that play from that group led by Rich Bisaccia; those guys play passionate. They play hard. They define our team. They're our muscle. They're our driving force. They're our blood line and that's what they've been doing."

Morris on what it means for the Bucs that they came back from an 11-point deficit.
"I guess you guys may have felt some mental weakness or you guys may have felt some guys didn't believe, but I never really felt that. Every game we felt like we could win. Every game we felt like we've been in. These guys are all tough. We have three good quarterbacks in that room, three good guys that believe in each other and they cheer for each other. Josh Johnson was on the sidelines helping Freeman out just as much as he could and so was Byron Leftwich and those guys all work together. I sat in that room with those guys last night. Byron Leftwich looked at the kid at the end of the night and said, ‘Go out there and sling it.' That's what Freeman did."

Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman on the victory.
"We have all been putting in a lot of work and really haven't been seeing a lot of results. It was just a big load off a lot of people's shoulders with the win."

Freeman on the clinching drive and wide receiver Michael Clayton's catch.

"Al Harris had been guarding him all day. I just sat back and looked at the safety, threw it up and the wind got it. The wind caught it so Al didn't really know what was going on because he thought it would be over the outside shoulder. That's where most of them are. The ball came inside, Michael made a great adjustment, caught it. It was great."

Freeman on the winning score to wide receiver Sammie Stroughter.
"They were in red zone. They were really kind of playing off, red quarters, the corner was kind of playing off. They are going to jump anything you do. We had Sammie run an in route because he has been running a lot of in routes and then take it to the corner. I gave him the quick pump, got him just enough. That ball, Sammie made a tremendous catch on it."

Freeman on Morris addressing the team after the game.
"He just said, ‘Victory Monday!' We have to come to work on Monday. He said there is a lot more of those to come. It's kind of tough because we have been putting in a lot of hard work. A lot of people have been putting in a lot of work and we haven't been getting any wins. It's great to go out there and get the win."

Freeman on winning his first start.
"That's why I play football. I want to win games. That's the mindset all the guys on the team have. It is great to come out and have the opportunity to get the ball to our playmakers and let them do what they do, score touchdowns."

Freeman on what he was looking for during the two point conversion.
"Initially I was looking to see if we had Jerramy Stevens one-on-one with a fade. Then the progression took me back to Michael Clayton on a kind of a hitch and go down the middle, splitting the safeties. That wasn't there. I went back outside to Brian Clark and that wasn't there. I just started moving; maybe I would be able to run it in. Then I saw Michael wave his hand in the back of the end zone, dumped it off, two-points."

Bucs cornerback Elbert Mack on Tampa Bay's 38-28 win over Green Bay.
"It feels great. It's a compliment to what we've done for the last two weeks. We took the bye week seriously, very seriously. When we come out, we want to play fast. Now it's a nine-game season. What's how we looked at it. We have eight more."

Mack on trying not to stay down.
"I got down on myself when I came to the sideline [after allowing a touchdown in the first quarter]," said Mack. "I have to play better with my technique. The players came over and patted me on the back. Raheem [Morris] came over and said, ‘Elbert, you'll have more opportunities to make more plays and here they come.' I actually went out there the next possession and got a chance to make one."

Mack on watching Bucs rookie QB Josh Freeman.
"It felt good. It felt real good. It's a compliment to the coaches. They had two weeks to get him ready. He took the coaching points and everything they taught him into the game and he got a win. It felt good and I'm happy for him."

Bucs tight end Kellen Winslow on Josh Freeman's demeanor in the huddle.
"He was fine and calling plays fine. Five or six weeks ago, it was like, ‘No, he's not ready,' but he's ready now. We're proud of him. We have young guys like Sammie Stroughter making plays and it's fun. This is how it should feel."

Winslow on how Freeman got ready.
"Just listening to coaches and really paying attention to details and being a professional."

Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber on how it feels to win.
"It has been a lot of weeks since we've had a win, but it feels like it's been a lot of years since we've won. So it's a pretty sweet feeling."

Barber on Tampa Bay's special teams.
"I'll tell you what is good about our special teams; we have what we call known rushers so there is a lot of potential block spots there. Geno Hayes came free and the ball came to me. I was just in the right place at the right time."

Bucs CB Aqib Talib on how it feels to win.
"It's just a start. We started off 0-7 so this will get the monkey off our back a little bit. We have to build on it and keep the momentum going."

Talib on what the attitude was like watching Freeman when the Bucs were down.
"It was, ‘We have to score.' We knew he could pull it off. I watched him play throughout the Big 12. I know he has heart and I know what kind of arm he has."

Talib on Tampa Bay intercepting Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers three times.
"We got good pressure on him. Our defensive line did a good job with that all day. He threw some balls into traffic that he didn't want to throw. We got our hands on the ball and we got balls tipped. We just did a good job of making plays on the ball."

Bucs safety Tanard Jackson on his interception and score in the fourth quarter.
"In my mind, I didn't think about sliding or going down until after the fact. It worked out for the best. I got in the end zone, so I was able to not give the ball back to the offense, so it's a good thing."

Jackson on Tampa Bay intercepting Rodgers three times.
"It was pressure and guys handling their business on the back end; the secondary and the linebackers. Anytime you get pressure in the quarterbacks face it causes them to make bad decisions. I think we were able to work hand-in-hand with that."

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