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Mark Cook currently is the director of editorial content and Bucs beat writer and has written for PewterReport.com since 2011. Cook has followed the Buccaneers since 1977 when he first began watching football with his Dad and is fond of the 1979 Bucs team that came within 10 points of going to a Super Bowl. His favorite Bucs game is still the 1979 divisional playoff win 24-17 over the Eagles. In his spare time Cook enjoys playing guitar, fishing, surfing and family time at the beach. In addition, Cook can be found in front of a television or in Doak Campbell any time the FSU Seminoles are playing. Cook is a native of Pinecrest in Eastern Hillsborough County and has written for numerous publications including the Tampa Tribune, In the Field and Ya'll Magazine. Cook can be reached at [email protected]

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    He got lucky and didn’t seriously injure somebody. I hope he uses this time to get well.

  2. 2


    Kudos to Koetter and Licht for doing the right thing and not being wishy-washy because of ASJ’s talent (whether that meant another chance or trying to get a draft pick). ASJ knew he was on a short rope and still went out and did something incredibly stupid, and a message needed to be sent that this won’t be tolerated any more.

  3. 3


    What a clown and way to let your fans and team down.

  4. 4


    Next man up! Was really hoping this young man had turned the corner after camp. Just no excuse. Grats to the Bucs on dropping the hammer, gotta set that tone!

  5. 5


    Wow! I’m very surprised he wasn’t given a last chance, but I guess there were other past issues we didn’t know about. Not good for the Scouting program; now we know why he was available in the 2nd round. Meathead, you didn’t do your homework!

    1. 5.1


      Good point Horse. This is the same loser process the Bucs management keeps doing. ASJ will end up a star in NE with Bellichick, as usual.

    2. 5.2


      Poor scouting including personality evaluation.
      That ‘s why the Bucs are the Bucs!

  6. 6


    1. These teams have to make some sort of policy to ban drinking at least during the season. So foolish. How can an athlete perform at their peak when they put poison into their body.

    2. Great. Now Bill Belichick will pick him him and turn ASJ into a 10 to 15 TD a year winner. You know that’s high probability of happening. How about our boy LaGarret Blount ! love that guy’s style.

    3. I’m glad the Bucs got their tails kicked last week. Jameis was totally setup by cardinals coach. He fell for it hard. Tampa gets way to emotional and positive over any blip of positivity. Tampa has gotten into this disgusting fake ‘nice guy’ thing, the Bucs and the whole city. It’s embarrassing and it has turned us into losers. I think people are mistaking Dungy’s kindness for niceness. Niceness is garbage in general but especially football or any endeavor for winning. Look most of us know, the bucs still SUCK. They have suckiness loserism at their core. There is a rotten core on this team ever since 2009. As soon as something doesn’t go their way, the dark clouds come in; the sky starts falling, the go cower emotionally in the corner. What’s going on here? Estrogen supplementation? Watching lifetime on the side? Eating too many plastics, xenoestrogens? Man up. wow. This is mostly the defence then it trickles into the bucs.

    4. Don’t prop Jameis up anymore. Really, he’s had some good moments but as a pro he still SUCKS! Now I am a big Jameis fan. That’s why I’m telling him right now YOU SUCK and Become Awesome! Fill out yourself to your potential. When you play, you play. Time to put all the “thinking” away.
    And stop this nonsense of “being a leader”. What a joke. You’re a leader by kicking A.. in your playing. You’re looking foolish talking about being a leader, talk talk talk. You will bring everyone up by being excellent. And never again pull that bull you did in Arizona. Forget this confidence emotional nonsense. Man up and be professional. Do you think Tom Brady rides emotional roller coasters? Come on. Execute. By systematic. Wake Up! Because If you position yourself as a “leader” by talk (and all the press nonsense) then guess what? You put too much artificial pressure on yourself, then you fold like in Arizona. And since you are the “leader” then when you do bad, everyone quits. Understand that this lame team is in the habit of this since 2009.
    One more thing: in my opinion: Cam Newton was a loser for a while because he tried to be “super man”. But last year what happened? He settled back, became a team player, let his team, trust his team to be excellent in their own way and he let the game come to him (study Michael Jordan – he went through the same thing…). And if your teammates won’t become their own person because they have become too wuss bag dependent on your or whomever, they they’ll be replaced. So don’t try to overcompensate for their suckiness. But do let them rise up and fulfill their own excellence.

    Ok back to work. Had to get a couple things off my chest…

    1. 6.1


      This is actually an embarrassing rant. Maybe YOU think that way, but don’t speak for everyone. The only emotional “drak” cloud I see in this room is you If the bucs SUCK so bad, pick another team. Or would that just make you the fool rooting for the team that you know SUCKS every year?
      You’re a Jameis fan and continue with that rant? He was rookie of the year last year , that doesn’t SUCK. He had a bad game last week against a good defense, that doesn’t mean he SUCKS. People like you seem to think that QB’s should be throwing for 350 yards and 4td’s every week. It’s his second year for f….s sake!
      Do we think Tom Brady rides emotional roller coaster? You’ve clearly never watched a patriots game.
      As for ASJ, what would you like Koetter to do? Yeah let’s let the moron who was driving home drunk a mere 4 hours before practice stay on the team. The same moron who threatened to meet fans and kick their ass over a twitter bought. The same moron who didn’t know the offense in pre-season in his second year.
      So please when you go back to work eat a snickers and lay off of the coffee for a day or two.

  7. 7


    I said he was a jackass and he wouldn’t pan out. I was blasted here with people saying oh he’s just immature like lots other players. Ok whatever…..guy is nuts and likely alcoholic too. Immature is least of his issues. Also said Koetter was right in sending his ass home that day in practice while others said he was too harsh. Lol. Needed wake up call. He said all right things after but I wasn’t buying it. So draft next year: WR,TE,DE,safety…what a bummer this year is turning into after such promising start. Losing Martin and Ayers was a kick in the chicklets too.

  8. 8


    I thought he might get his head on straight too. I post this only to show what a knucklehead ASJ really was. He was going to get a warning only. Talked himself into a DUI. Normally I am extremely tolerant, but glad this sideshow is over. After that Atlanta catch, I can’t help thinking what could have been. I guess Its a Bucs Life! Next!!! Go Bucs!


  9. 10


    That didn’t take long and nor should it have. AJS did this to himself and to his former team. Hopefully the players can move on and concentrate on winning their home opener on Sunday.

  10. 11


    Was surprised he wasn’t given another chance with rehab or something but we likely don’t know all details or how bad his alcohol problem is. Did tell lo Manzel getting another chance….some have to learn hard way.

  11. 12


    Mark my words. He will wind up with gronk, Brady and bel lichen.

  12. 14


    There’s more to the story here. ASJ has been in the dog house forever, and the team has not let on why. Having at least a DUI is like having a bicycle license for an NFL player these days.

    Yes, NE will pick him up if they haven’t already….where yes he will proceed to light up the league…typical.

    Is it too early to start recapping Licht’s draft results? is Dom starting to look not so bad….

  13. 15


    Two draft picks down the drain. This is tragic. Such an amazing talent. We had such hopes, and he squandered it. You kinda could feel that something was not right about this guy, but this is really a gut buster.

  14. 16


    Terrible move by Licht yet again. I’m beginning to think the real problem is the meathead making the calls. 3 players from the 2014 draft class (ASJ, Kadeem Edwards, and Robert Herron), 3 players from the 2015 draft class (Kenny Bell, Kaelin Clay and Joey Iosefa) all NOT on our roster. We don’t need a GM thats right half the time in the draft. He was praised as a film junkie but the results show he’s doing no better than the people putting together mock drafts in fact most of those are actually better. Jason “The Joke” Licht is the real problem. Trading Barron for a pick, cutting Revis while 30 million under the cap, overpaying Johnson, paying Collins and I could list many more. Lovie fell on the axe last year bc his lackluster coaching was also part of the problem. But I think the clown pulling the trigger is doing no better. Do us all a favor and take your draft boards with you the next time you jump in the pool smh.

    1. 16.1


      SO let me get this straight. Outside of ASJ, you list 5 people who were drafted from the 5th round and beyond? You’re kidding right? Get me a list of the 4th, 5th, and 6th round starters that are in the league right now and I’ll take you a little more seriously.

  15. 17


    The BUCS seem to be in a free fall right now. ASJ is hurting for sure right now. Hung over and unemployed. The injuries are starting to concern me also. PR talked about depth, I guess we shall see what’s in the cupboard now.

  16. 18


    I thought it was nuts that we had 5 TE’s on the Roster. Now it makes perfect sense. Between the 4 picks we spent for Jenkins and Stocker, what have we gotten for them ?

  17. 19


    Some of you peoples posts indicate what clowns you really are.
    Bucfury, yours outdid everyone’s. I can’t say for sure, but by the way you went off on so many people, particularly Winston, I might think you were out drinking with ASJ.
    I disagree with the Bucs cutting ASJ but many teams have had to do the same thing with some notable players because of the same thing.
    The most notable was Buddy Ryan cutting Chris Carter citing the reason for being, “the only thing he does is catch TD passes.”
    Ryan took a lot of heat for that but Carter, who had a bad cocaine problem at the time, said it was Ryan who saved not only his career but probably his life by saying that and cutting him.
    It took that dramtic act to make Carter realize he had an illness he had to treat.
    In all likihood after two DUI’s, ASJ is an alcoholic which is classified medically as an addiction and therefore an “illness,” much like diabetes.
    I know a lot of you doorknobs don’t understand that, but believe me much more smarter minds than ours have studied the “scientific” evidence and determined and classified it as such.
    I don’t know what has been going on behind closed doors at One Buc Place and neither does anyone else.
    I would have hoped if they knew he had a problem with alcohol and someone with the organization or team had tried to do an intervention with him.
    Unfortunately they rarely work because few people want to admit they have a drinking problem.
    Yes, I speak from experience and a lot of it.
    For 20 years I denied I was an alcoholic because I managed to hold down a good paying job, show up for work on time and stay somewhat involved in life.
    But make no mistake about it, I was and am an alcoholic.
    I have been sober for 14 years now.
    After 2 DUI’s, ASJ needs to realize he is an alcoholic as well.
    He needs to check into a rehab center or start attending AA meetings ASAP. Not only because it will look better to the court, but it will save his life and possibly his career if he is successful.
    Right now football is the furthest thing this young man needs to thinks about. He needs to think about sobering up and staying that way.
    He needs to give it his full attenetion.
    I would only hope the Bucs told him that when they showed him the door.
    Believe me, until he sobers up he isn’t going to be of any use to any team.
    Also, alcoholism can and is as serious and as debliltating an illness as an addiction to pain medication, heroin, crack or any narcotic addiction.
    If you think it is something to be made fun of, then you have a really bad character problem and need to reemamine your own soul.
    As I tell people who feel they are immune to such problems or illnesses, ” there but for the grace of God go I.”

    1. 19.1


      As a friend of Bill W I’m with you partner. Hope ASJ gets it. Few do

    2. 19.2


      I hope he gets help too. But I am a fan. I pay to see professional players perform. We have gotten burnt on two TE’s recently. Jenkins the writing was on the wall. But Stocker, is just as bad. Maybe not on a personal level, but in performance. We spent two picks on both of these clowns and neither has been able to stay healthy or show much. Jenkins at least had obvious talent and could have been something. Stocker for the life of me I cannot see why he is still on the Team.

    3. 19.3


      drdneast, congratulations on your sobriety! I hope ASJ gets help before it gets worst.

  18. 20


    The evidence for DUI is not exactly ironclad and, in any case, he was only being charged with a misdemeanor. I think the Bucs overreacted again, like the way they overreacted with Aqib Talib and LeGarrette Blount. They don’t seem to have a healthy sense of proportion when it comes to deciding who to keep and who to get rid of. Seferian-Jenkins could have been a decisive Factor in many games. Cameron Brate seems like a very ordinary player. It’s one less thing to look forward to this season. It’s hard to separate the words Buccaneers and disappointment.

  19. 21


    ASJ is not in the same category as Blount and Talib if you ask me.

  20. 22


    No Goldson, ASJ is not in the same league.
    BTW russmillerwy, the Steelers cut him because of his attitude and he was in FA and no one else wanted him because of his attitude.Sii it is only the Bucs who are stupid, huh.
    I didn’t like Talib or his attitude but never thought we should have gotten rid of him for the low price we did. But NE obviously didn’t feel he was worth his price either.
    No matter how good he is, Talib is still a thug.

    1. 22.1


      Regarding Blount, if Bill Belichick is the only coach in the league who thinks you’re good enough to start on his team, that’s still the best endorsement any player can get. Blount had his best season in Tampa, but the Patriots have regularly used him the same way Raheem did to great effect.

      My opinion of Aqib Talib is that he’s an excellent football player from a dysfunctional family. I’d like to see more coaches and owners take the approach that Vince Lombardi did with Paul Hornung. Discipline him in house, not by giving him away to another team. Top flight players are very difficult to replace. We’ve been trying to find a suitable replacement for Talib for many years now. Ronde Barber even said Talib was the best corner he’d ever played with. It was a low down dirty shame to give him up. Football is a violent game. Talib has a violent past. That doesn’t surprise or phase me.

      I don’t know ASJ well enough to pass judgment on him. He seems a bit childlike, but he also came out for the draft at a very young age. I do think with the right coaching and discipline he could be a great tight end. That was too much work for the Bucs coaching staff to handle, apparently. Will another NFL coach take up the challenge? Probably. Belichick doesn’t need more tight ends right now. He’s got the two best in the league. But maybe one of his proteges will take a chance on ASJ. If he clears waivers, he’ll be dirt cheap. Another gift from the Bucs.

  21. 24


    Maybe we should stop taking TEs from Washington. Remember Jerramy Stevens.

  22. 25


    magoobee. Very observant. Now that guy was a real tool. Warren Sapp actually called him a punk. He went on to marry Hope Solo. Talk about water seeking its own level.

  23. 26


    macabee, always the great poster he is gave the Dash/Cam video that showed ASJ as who (imo) he is…. other people on the Red Board had put it up but I was unable to get them to work. This alone says to me that the front office did what had to be done. Especially being a second DUI. See Ya ASJ and I do hope you get some help!!

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