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    Since we really don’t know what we have in Sweezy (Seattle knew though); it wouldn’t surprise me if we put him on IR in 6 weeks. Meathead is taking a beating on this one. Go Bucs

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    A couple OLinemen I wouldn’t mind us taking a look at – Sulivan from the Vikes in particular. Also wouldn’t mind giving BW Wilson a look at CB. I’d say if Kruger can’t even make the Browns he’s probably a pass on that basis alone. Maybe Randall at WR for a spin. And while I don’t know any of them, I see the a Raiders cut 3 safeties and that may say one of them showed some promise. Let’s do something though Licht – we still need some help so don’t just wait around…one thing I applauded Dom for doing was trolling the junk pile (actually that may have been the only thing I applauded him for…well that and some of his contracting skills)…the bar is low Licht but you have to walk forward to get over it.

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    Hope the contract is such we can get rid of him if this is another injury that never really gets better. Could be bad luck but seems Buc’s got duped on this. Wonder if he had this injury or was bothering him when signed? Oh well.

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