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    After all these years, I finally found the secret to watching and enjoying the Pro Bowl – have lots of your players in it!
    For the first time, I watched the whole thing from beginning to end looking for the Bucs players and they didn’t disappoint. Hey, I liked it! lol.

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    Pro Bowl was always a joke , now its a circus with Team Irvin vs. Team Rice I wouldn’t give that mess 5 min of my time, its been 30 yrs. since I last watched one.

    1. 2.1


      If it’s been 30 years you have no idea what Irvin/Rice even means. Was there a reason you WASTED your time posting in this thread?

      1. 2.1.1


        You sir don’t even make sense to respond to

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    I live about 10 minutes from the stadium and for once it was sold out. It had our local traffic snared up for hours. It was a very festive atmosphere. Macabee, you’re right. Having skin in the game really made a difference.

    1. 3.1


      lol no joke, it was already halftime and people were still trying to get into the stadium. Unfortunately I was at work so didn’t get a chance to go…would’ve loved to get some of my kids’ jerseys signed while they were down here. I’ll shoot for next year

    2. 3.2


      Hope its in Hawaii next year.

  4. 4

    Buc Wit Me

    Futures looking bright!!!

  5. 5


    Flag football at its finest

  6. 6


    macabee, I, like you watched beginning to end bc of the play of our Bucs!! Winston almost had a third TD in the end zone, feet were down but lost control while hitting ground. Great playing for all our Bucs!!!

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    The Pro Bowl can’t be a joke because there’s nothing humorous about it. It is a pathetic display that is a disgrace to the NFL shield. The players themselves made a mockery of it in their quest to have fun (Michael Bennett running untouched for a TD). This pointless exhibition needs to be terminated.

    Like JonnyG, when this game got to be even more idiotic a few years ago with Team Rice and Team Irvin I stopped watching. This year I relented and I watched to see what our contingent did. It was the last time.

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    Lee Roy would never have herniated his disc in the Pro Bowl if they played it like they do today. They might as well make it a skills competition for each position groups.

  9. 9


    It’s a big end – of – the – year party for the players. It’s really a time for them to unwind, reflect on the season and to a chance for the players to build relationships with other great players around the league. It probably shouldn’t be televised, I don’t watch either but I can see the benefit to strengthen the league.

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