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Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber on the team’s 16-10 loss to the Redskins:
“It was a pretty sloppy game as far as our defense was concerned early. We did buckle down a little bit. Hopefully we can take some positives away from this. We gave ourselves a chance to win. Give the Redskins credit. They made plays at the end and we didn’t. That’s what these games usually come down to.”

Barber on Redskins RB Clinton Portis’ 62-yard touchdown run:
“I’m not sure what they ran there, but we actually had a blitz on and he cut back against one of his pullers and went untouched. That’s unacceptable in our run game. If you take away that one play, we played alright, but you can’t take that play away. It was really a difference-maker on defense.”

Barber on the adjustments the defensive coaching staff made at halftime:
“They didn’t really give us a whole lot of adjustments. There were one or two plays that they made. Other than that, we knew what was coming at us and we played it well. I’m not sure what our percentages were on third down, but when we started to get off the field on third down you started to see our defense play a little better. We felt like we matched up well with them. They just made that one big play at the beginning and road it out until the end.”

Barber on his fumble recovery for a touchdown in the third quarter:
“One of our defensive linemen got penetration and forced the fumble. It bounced around and I just picked it up out of the air. You have to be opportunistic, man, especially when we’re not getting any points from our offense. That play gave us a chance to win.”

Barber on playing Seattle at home next week
There’s no doubt we had problems winning at home last year, but the good news is that was last year. We can exercise all of those demons and beat the Seahawks. You can’t go down 0-2 on the season. You want to start fast, unlike we did today. We’ll see if we can get going.”

Bucs defensive tackle Chartric Darby on Washington making more plays than Tampa Bay:
“The Redskins came out, showed a good effort and played hard. We’ve got a lot of things we have to improve on. We’re going to go back into the lab and evaluate it a little better. This game right here opened our eyes and we know we have to work harder to become a better team.”

Darby on Tampa Bay playing better in the second half:
“The second half was a little better than the first half. We buckled down and we stopped the run a little better than we did in the first half. We were able to apply more pressure on passing downs. Once you get a couple of three-and-outs it’s going to help the team every time.”

Darby on how fast Redskins RB Clinton Portis is:
“He’s a fast tailback. You’ve got to tip your hat off to him. It was a good game. Like I said, we have to suck it up and slow the run down most definitely.”

Darby on facing Seahawks RB Shaun Alexander next Sunday :
“Shaun Alexander is going to come down to Tampa and run that thing down here, and they’re also going to bounce it outside. If our defense plays hard together we’ll be hard to be stopped.”

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on his team’s tough 16-10 loss to the Redskins:
“It was a very physical game. If you look around the league today you’ll see a lot of similar scores. I give credit to Washington. They came in with a very aggressive blitz package. There weren’t a lot of man-to-man blitzes. There were a lot of zone blitzes. I credit them with staying with that plan throughout the game. We just didn’t get enough done when we had our chances.”

Gruden on Washington’s defense holding Tampa Bay’s offense without a touchdown:
“I think you saw every blitz that you have ever seen today. They played an even front, an odd front, the 46 package, they brought safeties and cornerbacks — they brought just about every blitz that you can in a football game, and I credit them. We have a lot of new players who haven’t played a lot in preseason, Washington was playing at home and they rallied around the things their guys can do.”

Gruden on Tampa Bay’s mistakes on offense:
“Everything is correctable. There’s no question about that, but you do have to work at it. Sometimes you’re going to run into a really physical opponent. There’s going to be a play here and a play there that decide these games. They made a timely interception to stop our drive. They made one long run. That was the storyline today. We have got to stay together. I was very pleased with the effort. We stayed away from penalties. I thought the discipline our team had was great. I like the team we have here. We just have to bite our tongue and hopefully get a chance to see these guys in the playoffs.”

Gruden on Washington’s success via the ground game:
“They caught us in some overaggressive pursuits and got us out of our lanes a little bit, and (Clinton) Portis made a great cutback run for the touchdown. Other than that, I think he had about 28 carries for about 78 yards. We did a pretty good job of keeping a great back under the wraps with the exception of one great run. We tackled well, I thought we got off blocks and we hustled from corner to corner.”

Gruden WR Joey Galloway’s groin injury in the first quarter:
“This is a very serious injury now. He’s obviously going to be out for some time. He’s a guy that we hoped would come in here and ignite us. He’s probably going to be on the shelf for a while. It’s a very frustrating year in regards to wide receivers. Obviously Joe Jurevicius and Charles Lee have been out, Edell Shepherd went down in preseason and Keenan (McCardell) is not here. We just have to rally around the players we do have. I will say that Michael Clayton had a pretty good debut for a rookie. We’re going to build around that.”

Gruden on kick returner Frank Murphy:
“You saw why he is here. He’s a guy that gives us life in the return game. I think our team is very confident in him and his abilities to create a big play. Hopefully that will become a strength of ours throughout the season. We’re going to need the field position.”

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